Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birthday Greetings

Alleluia, what a glorious new day,
which is marked as someone's Birthday,
lets convey our best wishes to Your Grace,
and wish that you be blessed with your loved one's embrace.

You were born many years back,
to bring the humanity back on track,
but in the form of you we got a great friend,
as if for us that from heaven to earth you were send.

So I wish you Happy Birthday, my dear,
and wishes that you receive such greeting for thousands of more year.
May your heart be full of song and your life be content and full of cheer,
and may great accomplishment in your life be the things that be seen by a seer.

Felix Cumple!!                                            Happy Birthday!!

~Love, Light and Truth;
The Unknown Poet.

Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Smile

How sweet a smile that thou possess,
which gives complex even to the beautiful roses,
seeing which I can lay off my life with ease,
filling my life with sweetness, making me die from diabetes.

What should I speaketh about thy smile,
words of whose beauty hath been spread for many miles,
seeing which in euphoria people starts to jive,
which acts like medicine, making the dead man alive.

Thy smile is too beautiful to take mine eyes off it,
making me hard to concentrate on my path, leading me into a pit,
but the aura of thy smile will never let me plunge,
and on a contrary, to great heights it will help me to surge.

Thy smile is so innocent and pure,
that can be used as a lure,
to attract a smile on other's face,
and to wipe out all of their sadness's trace.

Of thy sweet smile I became so jealous,
that I wanted to fill miseries in thy life which be so joyous,
so as to fade the smile that on thy face so gloriously shine,
and to bring some peace to the covetous life of mine.

But all these miseries doth nay change thy smile even by a minuscule,
which became the reason for the blowing out of my cool,
sweetness of thy smile is same even when thou art merry or art hurt,
because verily thy smile springs from the core of thy sweet heart.

Ecstasy of thy beautiful smile,
hath been doing a magic on me for a while,
softening my grip over mine own mind,
making me unable to logic, laying me logically blind.

In order to regain my long lost grip,
in pieces I wanted to rip off your lip,
so as to lessen the beauty of thy smile,
and to free myself from it's wile.

Despite the disruption of thy face,
I see no lessening of thy smile's grace,
because thou smile from thy beautiful soul,
which by no mean is shoal.

I wonder what will chance,
when to the another world thou will advance,
the world will loose thy smile, which be their source of sweetness,
for then the world shalt be like it was ere thou, in a state of complete bitterness.

And after the infelicitous demise of thine,
even though my smile may not have either thy sweetness or thy shine,
but still for the sake of world I will try to smile thy smile,
so as to spread thy sweetness to many more miles.

Let us all smile,
for a greater while,
and be a source of sweetness,
and end all the bitterness.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dangerous Me

Dangerous are those who speak less, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who have a chemical symbol to their name, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who talk with themselves, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who think a lot, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who are activist, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who dreams a lot, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who loves to be alone, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who think scientifically, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who have high values, and I am one of them.
Dangerous are those who think they are dangerous, and I am certainly one of them.

Dangerous I may be, yet I have many friends.
Dangerous I may be, yet I know how to fill their life with happiness.
Dangerous I may be, yet they call me by a name that means bringer of happiness.
Dangerous I may be, yet they call me Harshad.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Tears Of Gratitude

The Heaven asked a young cloud,
that, "why doth thou roar so loud,
and what doth thou gain,
by handling so much strain,
in order to rain,
over the sea and  plane."

"The drops that fall from an altitude,
art no rain, but Tears of Gratitude,
in appreciation of the Earth,
which remains so calm and cool in its seat,
so that by the vapors I can take birth,
in an ever soaring heat",
replied the young cloud with a pride,
as he glides over the high rising tide.

The Heaven asked the glorious Earth,
that, "is it really worth,
to carve a valley in thyself,
which runs from the high mountain to the continental shelf,
so as to enable the flow of water,
which don't even bother,
to not to flood thy plane,
when it is roaring with water during the rain."

"The water that flow from one latitude to another latitude,
art no river, but the flow of Tears of gratitude,
in appreciation of the trees and the sea,
which adds to mine value in the eyes of those who sees,
the aesthetic value of me,
which makes me thousand times more beautiful than thee,
and with the water in the river, to themselves the trees feed,
and beautiful new lives sprout on me from their seed",
replied the glorious Earth,
in a voice full of mirth.

The Heaven asked the beautiful trees and the sea,
that, "why doth thou loose thy water with a whee!
and don't thou feel any sad,
by giving the clouds the water you had,
and what doth thou gain by the water that thou had evaporated,
which had by the clouds some where else been condensated?"

"The loss of water to which we art habitude,
art no evaporation, but Tears of gratitude,
in appreciation of the clouds that are so humane,
which rains over the seas and the plane,
and helps the water to accumulate,
which makes the river spate,
and with that water in the river, to ourselves we feed,
and thus from an eternal thirst we are freed",
replied the beautiful trees and the sea,
who were dancing with glee.

The Heaven told me that I would be insane,
if I don't write a couplet in the honor of rain,
which facilitate the meet of these three on the orb,
so on the paper I made this record,
"The Heaven kisses the Earth again,
oh see, it's raining again."

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Monorhyme For Love

I loved you since the day we both were sophomore,
and from that day forth, all I wanted is to be yours,
and your love is what I want to explore,
as I always loved you from my heart's core,
and all I know is that I want to love you more,
and you are the one whom for eternity I will adore,
just like I have done before,
for you I want write enchanting verses just like Tagore,
and build a magnificent palace, just like that in Mysore,
with you I want to have a walk by the seashore,
and I want your happiness to be five-score,
and your tears to be my eyesore,
I love you so much and therefore,
if I don't receive your love, for myself I will deplore,
and will be walking to you even though I am footsore,
and I hope that by you our love will finally be restored,
and by receiving your love, with you I will soar,
and in happiness I will roar.

~Love, Light, and Truth;
Harshad Gupta

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Eternal Wait

I waited and waited, hoping that you will come,
till the setting of the moon and the rising of the sun,
when for the world the day was beginning, my came to an abrupt end,
by getting to know, that now towards me, you will never tend.

I got drenched waiting for you all throughout the monsoon,
and shivered with cold, waiting in the winter which arrived soon,
and while waiting in the ever soaring heat of summer, I got sunburn,
but towards my waiting self, you never took a road of return.

All these times, I was at your gate,
sitting there in your wait,
so as to keep the promises that I made,
and to see whether or not you were written in my fate.

But of the wait, I became tired,
so to my death bed, I finally retired,
and there where I waited, now sits my grave,
which you can visit, if ever for me you will crave.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Journey To Atheism

Disclaimer: This post is not written to hurt any religious sentiment of any faithful religious person of any faith by any mean. (Readers discretion advised.)

[Above cartoon is drawn by Dan Piraro, an American cartoonist and a Vegan. Link:]

"Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right." ~Abraham Lincoln

I am an Atheist, but I was not born one, to the contrary, I was born in a secular conservative Hindu family twenty two years back, who taught me to be spiritual instead of being religious and to respect every religion without any discrimination and made me to believe in what I used to say, "There is only one true God. And he is "God", who has no name, no religious followers, who is impartial to all creatures, who is just God." But one day something happened that shattered my faith in that "God", not any particular (as the the world thinks that there are many "Gods" in this world, who are all against other all) but in all sorts of "God" (if they do exist). That event made me think on what Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher and the founder of the school of philosophy called Epicureanism said about "God":

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?”

My second year finals were over and I was enjoying my summer vacation. That day, contrary to my habit, I went to bed early and consequently woke up early to find that it was a winsome morning in which I should go out to have a morning walk and enjoy some fresh cool breezes complimented with the sweet song of birds. After walking for half an hour or so, I felt urge to go to a restaurant, famous for its "kachauri and sabji", a kind of breakfast dish usually enjoyed by resident of the city of light which is known by the name of Varanasi, which also is my home town. But, as it was too early in morning, the restaurant was not open for business, so I went to the Ghats on the bank on River Ganges to sit there and enjoy the lovely morning. After devouring there for sometime, I thought of going to the an old bridge on the Ganges. On my way to the bridge on my bike, something happened that cannot happen just by chance but had some reason for its happening, (as according to the philosophy of Truth, "Every thing has a reason and every thing has a time" and as I have written in one of my blog post about happenings titled, "Happening, for a good".) I was taking the narrow street to the highway and just before their juncture, my bike went low on gas and it stopped there. There were two gas stations on either side of the highway, so I thought of giving my bike a little push to the gas station on left. As I was pushing my bike, I crossed a slaughter house, which I had crossed many times before also, but in those times may be I didn't noticed it, but this time I did noticed it and to add up to it, this time I was also a Vegan. The sight of the slaughter house completely baffled me, and this is when I thought that, "How can someone not be dazed by seeing how people take pleasure in others agony?" I was completely stupefied, and thought how can someone, in the holy city of Varanasi, murder some sentimental being so heartlessly. Then a thought sprouted in my mind that, it is not people who are solely responsible for the cold-blooded show of barbarism but are also the words of "mighty", "all generous" "God", which have been noted down in their holy books, that let these butchers murder so pitilessly. From that time onward, I decided to be an atheist and work against these Gods for the betterment of our non-human animal friends. This is when I read a quote from an anonymous writer that, "I am not interested in any religion whose cow, goat, pig, chicken, fish and other sentient beings have yet to experience freedom from the belly of its followers." and understood why majority of the Vegans are atheist.

You must be thinking that why a faithful religious follower like yourself is reading a crappy post of a non-faithful person speaking ill of the mighty God, so I want to make you aware of the fact that like me you are also an atheist. But you may be thinking that, how you being a faithful follower can be an atheist, then for that I will like to quote Stephen H. Roberts who said that, "I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

एक मौत है बाकी

मैं रात, अँधेरे में,
अकेले, दुख के घेरे में,
दो कदम चलकर ठहरता हूँ,
और दिन, सवेरे में,
इस दुनिया के व्यर्थ झमेले में,
दो पल खरीद के सोचता हूँ।

कि  इस एकाकी जीवन में,
वह दोस्त है या है कोई साकी.
और सिवाय दुख के इस जीवन में,
और कुछ क्या है बाकी।

पा कर खुद को अवाक्,
मेरा साधु  मन डोला,
और इस क्षण का लाभ उठाकर,
मेरा दीवाना दिल बोला।

कि उससे अनकही सी,
इक अधूरी बात है बाकी,
और बिन साथ उसके,
एक सुनसान रात है बाकी।

बिन उसके इस मेले में,
एक अटूट साथ है बाकी,
और स्नेह के साथ न थामा हुआ,
ऐसा एक हाथ है बाकी।

जिसे प्रकट न कर पाए,
वह एक एहसास है बाकी,
और साथ उसके जिस पर हँस न पाए,
ऐसी एक बकवास है बाकी।

उसे पा लेने का,
एक अमित अहंकार है बाकी,
और उसके साथ जीने के लिए,
एक अधूरा संसार है बाकी।

उसके साथ खाने के लिए,
एक आधी रोटी है बाकी,
और उसके साथ खेलने के लिए,
एक अनखोली खिलोने की पोटली है बाकी।

कुछ कम करने के लिए,
उसके  दर्द हैं बाकी,
और उसके जीवन में अलाव जलाने के लिए,
कुछ राते सर्द हैं बाकी।

उसके साथ रोने के लिए,
कुछ अनमोल आँसु हैं बाकी,
और साथ प्रशंसा करने के लिए,
कुछ प्रियांशु है बाकी।

उसको सजाने के लिए,
कुछ कुसुम हैं बाकी,
और उसके साथ बांटने के लिए,
कुछ तबस्सुम हैं बाकी।

उसके साथ उसका,
एक मीठा सा ख्वाब है बाकी,
मेरे प्रश्न का अभी तक,
उससे एक जवाब है बाकी।

पर उसको खो देने का,
एक कठिन पश्चाताप भी है बाकी,
और निर्जन जीवन जीने का,
एक निर्दयी श्राप भी है बाकी।

पर उसको पा लेने की,
एक अटूट चाह भी है बाकी,
और उस चाह को पाने की,
एक कठिन राह भी है बाकी।

और यह सब भी स्वीकार्य नहीं तो,
उसके साथ मरने के लिए,
एक पूरी मौत है बाकी।

~स्नेह, ज्ञान और सत्य;
हर्षद गुप्ता

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


जिंदा हो तुम तो कुछ हरकत तो करो,
अपने जीवित होने के प्रमाण पत्र पर ज़रा दस्तखत तो करो,
समझ कर मृत दफ़न कर दिया था तुम्हे इस शरीरनुमा ताबूत में,
अगर जीवित हो बंद इसमें, तो इस ताबूत पर ज़रा दस्तक तो करो।

दौड़ते हुए मीलों, ज़िन्दगी की इस अंधी दौड़ में,
चढ़ते हुए सीढीयाँ, तरक्की की इस झूठी होड़ में,
आ गिर पड़े होकर क्लांत इस वीरान महलनुमा खंडहर में,
अगर कुछ जान हो बाकी इस शरीर-ए-खाक में,
तो कुछ पल सुकून भरी निद्रा हेतु उस खाट के तरफ, ज़रा दो कदम तो बढाओ।

देख कर खुद पर सितम, अपनी आँख मींच लिए,
पा कर खुद को असमर्थ, अपने हाथ खींच लिए,
समझ कर तुमको मूक, वह ढ़हाते गए तुम पर कहर,
अगर बचे हो कुछ अलफ़ाज इस सूखे कंठ में, तो ज़रा यह दास्ताँ-ए-जुर्म बयाँ तो करो।

समझ के गैर, छोड़ दिया तुमको बीच मझधार में,
समझ के दोषी, बंद कर दिया इस समाजनुमा कारागार में,
अगर हो दोषमुक्त तुम इस नापाक समाज में,
तो इस व्यथा के विरोध में ज़रा आवाज़ तो उठाओ।

समझ के उसको अनाथ, वह करते गए उसका शोषण,
समझ के उसको असहाय, वह करते गए उसका दोहन,
अगर कुछ संबंध हो बाकी उस जीव-ए-लाचार से,
तो उस आलौकिक रिश्ते के खातिर, ज़रा विद्रोह तो करो।

पूरी करते गए इस दिल की सारी व्यर्थ हसरत,
और प्रदर्शित करते गए अपनी झूठी शान ओ शौकत,
अगर बची हो इस व्यस्त जीवन में थोड़ी सी फुर्सत,
तो दो क्षण खुद से वार्तालाप तो करो।

~स्नेह, ज्ञान और सत्य;
हर्षद गुप्ता

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Embrace The Future

A sustainable future is spreading its arms to embrace us all, like it was doing twenty years back, when leaders from every corners of the world where flying down to Rio for the first Earth Summit, to witness an unprecedented political will and commitment among governments to make a paradigm shift to sustainable development.

In June this year, world leaders, along with thousands of participants from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other groups, will once again fly down to Rio to attend the Rio+20, which is offering us a unique opportunity for our mutually interdependent world to secure renewed political commitment for Sustainable Development.

At Rio+20, seven critical issues like jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans and disasters will be dealt with, by focusing upon two theme agreed upon by the member states:
  1. Green economy within the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.
  2. Institutional framework for sustainable development.

Out of these seven critical issues, food is an issue which when dealt, can help us in dealing with other issues like public health, climate change, forest preservation and social justice.

Food which is one of the basic requirement for the survival of a being, along with water and shelter, is getting scarce as the human population surges towards predicted 9.1 billion people by the year 2050 and thus there is a call for an immediate change in our personal dietary habits as well as governmental policies pertaining to agricultural industries.

Advocating a Vegan lifestyle is the most effective yet the most neglected strategy for reducing food crisis, climate change, and deforestation, and therefore organizations should consider advocating veganism as a major part of their global warming campaigns. At a minimum, environmental advocates should mention veganism in any information about the actions the individuals can take to address global warming. Government policy should also encourage vegan diets. Possible mechanisms should include an environmental tax on meat similar to one already recommended on gasoline, and a shift in farm subsidies to encourage plant agriculture over animal agriculture.

Albert Einstein, a noted physicist can be attributed for the quote, "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet" which clearly depicts that a shift from an animal-based diet to a plant based diet can help us in tackling following issues:

1) Food Crisis: In many reports, it has been estimated that an animal based diet will consume 20 kilos of grains to produce one kilo of edible beef, 7.5 kilos of grain for a kilo of edible pork and 4.5 kilos for a kilo of edible chicken. Thus, if we consume the present amount of grains directly instead of feeding it to the livestock in order to produce the aforementioned amount of animal based food, we will be able to feed more mouths with the same quantity of grain that we produce at present and hence can tackle food crisis.

2) Public Health: A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that red- and processed-meat intakes were associated with modest increases in total mortality, cancer mortality and cardiovascular disease mortality, and that the higher the red- and processed-meat intake, the higher the risk.
The report states that the people who consume animal-based food are 27% more likely to have cardiovascular disease, 20% more likely to have cancer and 11% of deaths in men and 16% of deaths in women could be prevented if people decreased their meat consumption to 4 g/1000 kcal.

3) Climate Change: According to a paper by Prof. A J McMichael, PhD, out of 22% of the global total Greenhouse gas emission which is caused by the agriculture sector, which is equal to that of the industries and slightly more than that of the transportation sector, nearly 80% is accounted for the livestock production. Methane and N2O (which are both potent GHG and closely associated with livestock production) contribute much more to this sector’s warming effect than does CO2. Halting the increase of GHG emissions from agriculture, especially livestock production, should therefore be a top priority, because it could curb warming fairly rapidly. As the available technologies for reduction of emissions from livestock production, applied universally at realistic costs, would reduce non-carbon dioxide emissions by less than 20%, we advocate a contraction and convergence strategy to reduce consumption of livestock products, mirroring the widely supported strategy proposed for greenhouse-gas emissions in general.

4) Forest Preservation: Prince Charles on Deforestation: “We have 18 months to halt deforestation of the rain forests to preserve life on this planet.” (European Parliament, 14 February 2008)

According to a report by UN FAO, ranching-induced deforestation is one of the main causes of loss of some unique plant and animal species in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America as well as carbon release in the atmosphere. It is estimated that nearly 70% of the former Latin American forest cover has been cleared for grazing of the livestock, which takes 1/3rd or Earth's entire landmass and hence is the major cause of deforestation. Further, the loss of these precious forest area posses treat of extinction of wildlife that are to be found in those forest area.

5) Social Justice: Justice is a term that means "righteousness". When we speak of justice, we speak of justice for all, irrespective of any discrimination and not confining it only to certain strata of the society. So when we speak of justice, why do we forget the justice for the livestock animals? Why can't they enjoy an equal right of well-being? When we consider about the adverse effect of climate change due to food habits, not only on the lives of people living in USA but also on the lives of people in Africa, then why don't we consider the effect of it on the lives of all the billions of animals that are wasted just for few pounds of meat? I believe that if justice will fall upon these billions of animals then only there can be any genuine chance of social justice for each and every one of us, as Dr. King has rightly said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

So, more than anything else, we should shift from an animal based diet to a plant based for the sake of being just to these billions of animals that are wasted every year just for few pounds of meat.

It will be very interesting to see if our leaders and policy makers will take some bold steps to embrace a sustainable future, which have been waiting for years to be embraced, by making polices that will encourage plant based agriculture and discourage animal based agriculture and thus make a paradigm shift to sustainable development.

~Caritas, Lux, et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Unknown News: Hollywood Actress Rakhi Pawant Alleged in Match Fixing

Hollywood Actress Rakhi Pawant Alleged in Match Fixing

Dhaka: Rakhi Pawant, a struggling Hollywood actor have been alleged in a match-fixing scandal surrounding yesterday's Asia Cup Cricket match between Indian and Bangladesh in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A local newspaper, The Times of Hindustan claims that a Hollywood star had enticed Indian players to under-perform. Allegation of match-fixing surfaced in the media with claims that players were being influenced with a big hope of a win in the next match against Pakistan.

Pawant, who is best known for her vampy role in 2009 idiot-box bomb, Pawant ka Swayam"Chamatakar", denies any link to the match fixing and told the media in a special interview with IndiaRadio that, "I have no connection with the match-fixing episode that has been linked to me."

However, IndiaRadio's host Dr. Preevardhan Novedi, who is best known for waking people with his "Chain se sona hai toh jag jaiye", has a completely different story to tell. According to Dr. Novedi, Miss Pawant was seen escorting Indian skipper M.S. Roni to have a jaw with Bangladeshi skipper M. Fahim, where they where heard discussing there tensed marital life.

On investigating deeper, our reporter found that the jaw between the three were being mistakenly recorded by the stump camera, which was kept on when both the skippers were being escorted to the stump by the rising Hollywood star.

The transcript of the conversation is:
Fahim: Hello Pawant darling, long time no see, I was started forming an opinion that you have started enjoying that "chamatkar" thingy a lot and so have forgotten your old smoochers. And by the way, who is this man who is following you?
Pawant: Oh no Fahim, the "chamatkar" were not at all interesting, its just that I was busy doing a project with Mika Phooch. And this gentleman is Roni, he will be captaining against you. I saw him doing errands for his wife Rakshashi, so I thought I better bring him with me to have a chit chat with you. I hope its fine with you.
Fahim: Ofcourse darling, anything for you. Assalamu alaikum Roni biradar, I see you tensed lately.
Roni: Walaikum assalam Fahim. Yeah, you are right, I have been under-going much stress lately.
Fahim: Why so? Is everything alright? I hope you can share your problems with me. We are competitors only on the fields, otherwise we are good friends, aren't we?
Roni: Yeah, you are right bro, we are best friends forever. But what to tell. I am in no position to speak.
Fahim: Oh common, you can speak to me.
Roni: Oh well, you might be knowing that my wife Rakshahi have a brother who plays Cricket.
Fahim: Ya, so what about him?
Roni: Err, he wants a place in Indian Team and so Rakshashi is pressurizing me to approach our board president Mr. Sharad Gawar and to get a place for him in the team, but as you might be knowing, he is a politician and is demanding a bribe of 100 crore rupees.
Fahim: That's a huge amount. Selectors back in Bangladesh only ask for a sum of a crore of rupee in addition to 10 Kg of fish for their "Machhi Jhol". But that's a small amount in comparison of what you have been asked for. It looks like everyone in your country wants a hundred these days.
Roni: 100 crore is not a big problem, I somehow have managed to arrange it doing all those Fair'n'Lonely and Sucks Baniyan advertisement, the main issue is that elderly person in our team, named Achin Tendulkar.
Fahim: What about him? I have heard that people in your country have very high respect for him and that they are demanding a Bharat Khatam Award for him.
Roni: That's true, but Mr. Gawar is saying that Rakshashi's brother can only replace Achin in the team, and that they won't be able to drop Achin out of the team until he don't scores a century. But Achin is a smart man, he deliberately is under performing as he know that the day he will complete his hundredth century, the board will drop him.
Fahim: That doesn't look like a a big problem to me. As a matter of fact, I can help you with it.
Roni: And how is that?
Fahim: Oh, its very easy, we will play so poorly that he definitely will score a century.
Roni: Will you do it for me?
Fahim: Yeah sure, but I will be wanting something in return.
Roni: And what is it?
Fahim: Not much, unlike others I am a team person. But our team is loosing lately, so I want a win for our team.
Roni: Fine, deal.
Fahim: Is it O.K. with you? How will you explain to your media that how you lost to an underdogs? Won't the fans kill you?
Roni: No, they won't. We have a crazy fan following in our country. They don't worry whether the nation wins or lose. All they worry is that Achin scores a century or not.
Fahim: Well, fine then.
So as you can see that we have clear evidence that proves that match-fixing took place.

When our reporter Arnab Bhainswami, asked Bangladesh Cricket Association's President P. Chitakam about the incident, he said that he won't comment much except speaking about the camera man Rahul Kandi who was responsible of managing the stump camera saying that, "Rahul Kandi has been charged for carelessness and irresponsible behavior which has lead to so much mess which otherwise wouldn't have been possible if Kandi would have been little more professional and responsible. So Kandi has been asked to resign from his post."

Indian Cricket Board's Secretary Pig Vijay Singh told our reporter that he condemn such activities and promises that harsh actions will be taken against the guilty. He was also found cursing Roni and Gawar for not sharing the bribe money with him, as he being the secretary of the board.

Meanwhile, people where seen celebrating Achin's (Ten)^2 (Ten)^2DorKar all round the country. Managing Director of Preliance Company, Guru Bhai Ambani spoke to media persons that now since Achin have completed his hundredth century, worker can return to their works and steep rise in revenue can be observed.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Sayings, A Collection Part III

~If people can be arrested for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of others, then every single citizen of India should be behind the bars, because whatever religious practices a person follows, will hurt the religious sentiments of someone else, in one way or the other. (20th November, 2012)

~If people would have been doing more blogging than talking, we would have been living in a better and peaceful world. (15th October, 2012)

~I love when the words come flowing into my head,
and when these words form a verse on my writing pad. (10th October, 2012)

~For decades, I walked the Earth, like a man being blind,
Unable to see the virtue of acts, that in nature, were kind,
But now, with my mind and eyes opened, I can see,
That the beauty in world, is not made of me, but we. (10th August, 2012)

~Friends are like the stars, however far they might be, they will still be visible with naked eyes, being with you even in the darkest of nights, twinkling right above your head and they might not be able to lighten your path like the Sun and the Moon, but they will surely show you the direction in the darkest hour. (5th August, 2012)

~The problem with many is that they are asleep, and yet are unable to dream. (19th July, 2012)

~It had not costed anyone anything by helping others, but it had costed everyone everything by not helping others. (12th July, 2012)

~The best way to explore a city is by being a directionless leather tramp. (11th July, 2012)

~The Heaven kisses the Earth again, oh see, its raining again! (3rd July, 2012)

~No one is worthless. One can always make others smile and that, I strongly believe, is the best virtue one can have. (24th June, 2012)

~O dear rain, rejoice as we meets again. (18th June, 2012)

~It is our moral duty to recognize the potentials in others as well as ourselves so as to safeguards humanity from reaching ever degrading level. (29th May, 2012)

~If you fear God, then he ain't God. (25th May, 2012)

~Make noise, let the world know that you are still living. (22nd May, 2012)

~Everyone is someone's Harshad. (6th May, 2012)

~If you can't chase your dreams, it is worthless to ever wake up. (20th April, 2012)

~Everything has a reason and everything has a time,
Don't you worry, everything will once again be fine,
And again, you will be start speaking in rhyme,
And like the stars in the magnificent sky, you will forever shine. (19th April, 2012) 

~When we deny the rights of others, with what mouth can we ask for ours? (15th April, 2012)

~You cannot reach your own destination by trotting on someone else's path. (13th April, 2012)

~Words are merely a medium of communication, but still much emphasis are given to them rather than what we actually wants to communicate. (19th March, 2012)

~A scientist never has a vacation. For a scientist, life consist of either observing his surrounding or writing down the conclusion he made about the observation. (7th March, 2012)

~You are not what the world teaches you, but what you teach yourself.

~I don't understand why people are so obsessed with survival when they can actually live.

~Every single life in this world is rich. The only difference among them is the currency they posses. While some posses Indian Rupee, or US Dollar, or GB Pound, some others, though very few in numbers, posses still more powerful currency like Smiles, or Happiness, or Love, or Knowledge.

~Nothing in the world is more beautiful then the smile on people's face.

~The problem with many is that they are much more concerned about their failure as according to others rather than their failure as according to themselves which is resulted by restricting themselves from chasing their dreams, which actually defines them in true sense, just in order to prevent themselves from the failure as according to others.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Thou, The Beautiful Star.

Oh thou, the most beautiful star,
why so distant from me, thou are?
Thou always maketh me live in fear,
that thou won't ever cometh any near.

Thou keep me awake during the twilight,
making me walk alone by the night light,
and staring at thou in the dark,
while lying on the broken bench in the park.

Though hearing only the cry of the owl,
and seeing only men on the prowl,
still on the deserted street I keep my pace,
so to dedicate few lines in thy grace.

Though mighty as thou are,
being at a place that is very far,
still thou posses a place in my heart,
from where thou will never part.

Thy love is what I will never receive,
but still that won't maketh me grieve,
as thou art the one, whom for eternity I will adore,
like I have always done before.

I see men waiting for the full moon,
as the full moon maketh the women swoon,
but I waits for the moonless night,
as it maketh thou look even more bright.

And the young wait for the dawn,
so to find with whom they can fawn,
but I waits for the dusk,
to share with thou, the pleasant musk.

I find some men, whom I reckon art loon,
who speaketh that there isn't anything more beautiful than the moon,
but on its face, the moon have many scar,
but thou face is faultless, of my most beautiful star.

Thy beauty is not the only trait,
that about thou is perceived to be great,
but are also the directions to the travelers that thou show,
when the mighty Sun and the moon fails to glow.

I wish that thou will for ever shine from above,
so even from a distance, with thou I can share my love,
and that thou will for ever be twinkling and be bright,
and ne'er be faded by the moon light.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta

Friday, January 27, 2012

Being Free

If you can walk your own walk,
and talk your own talk,
If you can run your own mile,
and even in plight, always wear your smile.

If you can dance on your own beat,
and can always be on your feat,
If you don't find luxury in your seat,
but keeps your cool, even in ever soaring heat.

If you can never be tired of being lone,
and can create your own masterpieces, even with few pieces of stone,
If you can do what need's to be done,
even if you are being backed by none.

If you can be a game changer,
instead of being an avenger,
If you can walk with a stranger,
and can be fearless in the face of danger.

If you are never afraid of looking younger than your age,
and lack of compassion never act as your cage,
If your action do not sprout from desire of a wage,
and if you can never be seized by a murderous rage.

If your mind don't dwell on days of yore,
and you are never afraid to loose your shore,
If you can jump from the edge of the mountain, in order to soar,
and to reach new heights, from where you can make a roar.

If you can hold everyone dear,
and greet them with a cheer,
If you can show them that you care,
and in your actions, you are always fair.

And if you can be like romantics,
and do things that are in nature, Hermetic,
And if you can live your life to the fullest,
and fight every battle with a new courage.

Then your life will be noetic,
and full of elements that are aesthetic,
and you will grow like a blossoming tree,
and you my friend, will for eternity be free.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta

Thursday, January 5, 2012

अन्मूलन उपागम हिंदी में|

मेरे प्रिय भारतीय दोस्तों,
आपको नये साल की हार्धिक सुभकामनाये|

अहिंसा पर एक छोटा सा लेख|

हर साल हम छप्पन सौ करोड़ जानवरों का उत्पीडन और हत्या करते है| यह हिंसा है|
पर हम यह भयानक हिंसा को रोक सकते है| हम अहिंसा को अपने जीवन का एक प्रमुख भाग बना सकते है|
हमे मास खाना, दुग्ध का प्रयोग, ऊन और रेशम को उपयोग करना और जानवरों की खाल पहेनना बंद करना होगा| हमे मनोरंजन और आनंद के लिए जानवरों का शोषण बंद करना होगा| हमे दूसरो को शिखाना होगा की जानवरों का शोषण करना गलत है| दुसरे सब्दो में, अगर हम अहिंसा और न्याय में विश्वास करते है तो हमे वीगन बनना होगा| साकाहारी जीवन शैली भी हिंसा है|

वीगन जीवन शैली दुनिया की तमाम समस्या का समाधान है|
वीगन=अहिंसा|| यह शालीनता का निम्नतम स्तर है|

आपसे अनुरोध है की आप इस बात को समझे की दही, पनीर, मख्खन और अन्य दुग्ध सामिग्री हिंसा है|
में आपको इसे समझने के लिए प्रोत्साहित करता हूँ| आपसे अनुरोध है की आप जाने की जानवरों का शोषण करने में कोई मानवता नहीं है, और अगर है तब भी यह अनैतिक और अनुचित है|

हम प्राथर्ना करते है की २०१२ में हम शांति को अपनाये और वीगन जीवन शैली का प्रचार करे|

हर्ष और शांति||

अन्मूलन उपागम हिंदी में|

अन्मूलन उपागम हिंदी में:

The myth of India's sacred cow and reverent exploitation:

अहिंसा और वीगन जीवन सैली:

हिंसा का पद्चिन कम करे:

वीगन नहीं है?
कृपया यहाँ शुरू करे:

My dear Indian friends,
I wish you all a very happy 2012.

A little note about non-violence.

 Each year we torture and kill 56 billion other animals. This is great Himsa. The good news is, we can stop this terrible violence. We can bring non-violence in every aspect of our lives. We need to stop eating, wearing and using other animals. We need to stop eating meat, dairy, wearing fur, wool, leather, silk and stop using all animal products. We need to stop exploiting animals for entertainment and for our pleasure. We need to teach others that exploiting animals is wrong. In other words, if we really believe in nonviolence and justice, we should be VEGAN. It is still Himsa if we are vegetarian.

 Veganism is the answer to many of the world's problems. Veganism = Ahimsa. It is the minimum standard of decency.

 My dear Jain friends. Please understand that eating yoghurt, cheese, and other dairy products are Himsa. I encourage all to consider this. Please know that there is no "humane" way to exploit animals, and even if there were, it still would be immoral and unjust.

 May 2012 move us closer to peace. May veganism be widespread.

 Joy and peace

 The abolitionist approach in Hindi

Abolitionist Approach Pamphlet in Hindi

The myth of India's sacred cow and reverent exploitation

Ahimsa and Veganism

Lower your Himsa Footprint:

Not vegan? Please start here