Friday, March 2, 2012

My Sayings, A Collection Part III

~If people can be arrested for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of others, then every single citizen of India should be behind the bars, because whatever religious practices a person follows, will hurt the religious sentiments of someone else, in one way or the other. (20th November, 2012)

~If people would have been doing more blogging than talking, we would have been living in a better and peaceful world. (15th October, 2012)

~I love when the words come flowing into my head,
and when these words form a verse on my writing pad. (10th October, 2012)

~For decades, I walked the Earth, like a man being blind,
Unable to see the virtue of acts, that in nature, were kind,
But now, with my mind and eyes opened, I can see,
That the beauty in world, is not made of me, but we. (10th August, 2012)

~Friends are like the stars, however far they might be, they will still be visible with naked eyes, being with you even in the darkest of nights, twinkling right above your head and they might not be able to lighten your path like the Sun and the Moon, but they will surely show you the direction in the darkest hour. (5th August, 2012)

~The problem with many is that they are asleep, and yet are unable to dream. (19th July, 2012)

~It had not costed anyone anything by helping others, but it had costed everyone everything by not helping others. (12th July, 2012)

~The best way to explore a city is by being a directionless leather tramp. (11th July, 2012)

~The Heaven kisses the Earth again, oh see, its raining again! (3rd July, 2012)

~No one is worthless. One can always make others smile and that, I strongly believe, is the best virtue one can have. (24th June, 2012)

~O dear rain, rejoice as we meets again. (18th June, 2012)

~It is our moral duty to recognize the potentials in others as well as ourselves so as to safeguards humanity from reaching ever degrading level. (29th May, 2012)

~If you fear God, then he ain't God. (25th May, 2012)

~Make noise, let the world know that you are still living. (22nd May, 2012)

~Everyone is someone's Harshad. (6th May, 2012)

~If you can't chase your dreams, it is worthless to ever wake up. (20th April, 2012)

~Everything has a reason and everything has a time,
Don't you worry, everything will once again be fine,
And again, you will be start speaking in rhyme,
And like the stars in the magnificent sky, you will forever shine. (19th April, 2012) 

~When we deny the rights of others, with what mouth can we ask for ours? (15th April, 2012)

~You cannot reach your own destination by trotting on someone else's path. (13th April, 2012)

~Words are merely a medium of communication, but still much emphasis are given to them rather than what we actually wants to communicate. (19th March, 2012)

~A scientist never has a vacation. For a scientist, life consist of either observing his surrounding or writing down the conclusion he made about the observation. (7th March, 2012)

~You are not what the world teaches you, but what you teach yourself.

~I don't understand why people are so obsessed with survival when they can actually live.

~Every single life in this world is rich. The only difference among them is the currency they posses. While some posses Indian Rupee, or US Dollar, or GB Pound, some others, though very few in numbers, posses still more powerful currency like Smiles, or Happiness, or Love, or Knowledge.

~Nothing in the world is more beautiful then the smile on people's face.

~The problem with many is that they are much more concerned about their failure as according to others rather than their failure as according to themselves which is resulted by restricting themselves from chasing their dreams, which actually defines them in true sense, just in order to prevent themselves from the failure as according to others.
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