Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You May Forget

You may forget my name,
or the field, which was my game,
you may forget who i am,
or what was my life's aim,
you may forget my face,
or the city which was my birth place,
you may forget the things that was for me to claim,
or all those things that brought me to fame,
but never forget the things for which I stood,
even though you may or may not consider it good,
as being a man I should always be known for my ideals,
as these ideals are the one which take me to my state of weal.

You may forget what I said,
or whether I am alive or dead,
you may forget that we were ally,
or whether you considered me a wise guy,
you may forget whether we had ever talked,
or whether we have on a fine morning ever walked,
you may forget that I am your abettor,
or how I wanted your life to be more brighter,
but never forget that I will be always on your side,
and if ever you need me, with you on dangerous path I will ride,
but difficulties in your course is not what I aspire,
as your euphoria is all I desire.

You may forget what you spoke,
and how those words made my heart broke,
you may forget how wildly have you acted,
and how by those act, I have been adversely effected,
you may forget how you tried to got rid,
and how you left me in the mid,
you may forget when in my need, you said good-bye,
and how those actions made me cry,
but never forget that towards you, I don't hold spite,
and even in my low consciousness, I don't intend to smite,
and never forget that, for your deeds, you have been purged,
and all I want for you is that, may you be blessed.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Events and greetings

November 1st- International Vegan Day

Lets mark this day in the honor of all those grieving mother cows who lost their young ones just for a glass of milk because we are too stubborn to get over our obsession with dairy, for all those lonely chickens who lost their loved ones just for a piece of there legs because we are too timid to find any other way to treat our taste buds and for all those innocent lives who lost their lives or the lives of their loved ones just to please a superpower who holds apathy to the agony of others because we are too meek to question him and our faith.
Happy International Vegan Day!!