Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Dark Lord

I am the lord of the darkness,
I thrive in the dark, cold, and foggy nights,
I am scared, to death, of people,
their love, light, and warmth gives me a fright,
as it's not the animals,
but the people who actually bites,
on a peaceful world,
they are stain, a woe, a blight.

Unlike them, I might be dull, and not bright,
black, and not white,
full of darkness, and not light,
just a wight, and not a knight,
but I know what's wrong and right,
and I go out during those dark, cold, and foggy nights,
that time of the day which is devoid of light,
the time which makes even the Bellona's bridegroom shake with fright,
and relieve people and animals from their plights.

~Caritas, Lux, et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.