Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Monorhyme For Love

I loved you since the day we both were sophomore,
and from that day forth, all I wanted is to be yours,
and your love is what I want to explore,
as I always loved you from my heart's core,
and all I know is that I want to love you more,
and you are the one whom for eternity I will adore,
just like I have done before,
for you I want write enchanting verses just like Tagore,
and build a magnificent palace, just like that in Mysore,
with you I want to have a walk by the seashore,
and I want your happiness to be five-score,
and your tears to be my eyesore,
I love you so much and therefore,
if I don't receive your love, for myself I will deplore,
and will be walking to you even though I am footsore,
and I hope that by you our love will finally be restored,
and by receiving your love, with you I will soar,
and in happiness I will roar.

~Love, Light, and Truth;
Harshad Gupta
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