Friday, March 14, 2014

Birthday Greeting!! (Vegan)

We are all gathered here today,
to celebrate this auspicious day,
which is marked as the birthday,
of hope's ray.

Many years ago you took birth,
in order to bring peace on Earth,
and to bring to an end,
to all the atrocities on our fur friends.

You became a Vegan after foreseeing,
that to contribute to the well-being,
 of the Earthlings as much as you can,
you have to become a Vegan.

By becoming a Vegan,
you not only increased your own life span,
but also have enhanced the state of the environment,
by taking part in sustainable development.

With every piece of meat,
you decided not to eat,
you saved an innocent life,
who otherwise would have been slaughtered by a knife.

And by not consuming dairy,
you saved many cattle from atrocities,
which they are subjected to in monstrosities,
whose very thought is extremely scary.

With leathers and wools that you decided not to wear,
you saved many animals from the fear,
of being taken away from their kin,
and being killed for their skin.

We are thankful of you,
who had a compassionate view,
and took a decision that was ethically right,
and which helped in ending other's plight.

So I and your foster kids,
whom you rescued as strays,
take the opportunity to bid,
you a very happy and a vegan birthday!!

And we wish that you our dear,
lives for many more years,
and may your heart be full of song and your life be content and full of cheer,
and may great accomplishment in your life be the things that be seen by a seer.

Happy Birthday!!

~Love, Light and Truth;
The Unknown Poet.

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