Friday, October 14, 2011

When the words lost its meaning.

In the midst of the storm, stood I,
and tears came flowing down my eyes,
by knowing that it is useless speaking,
now, since the words has lost its meaning.

Trying hard to look into the past,
wondering what my memory will cast,
I saw myself doing a morning walk,
with a person with whom i had to talk.

There were lots of thing I was suppose to say,
before the very death of the day,
being uncertain that before the next day will dawn,
that person will be here or else be gone.

Despite feeling very meek,
I opened my mouth to speak,
there were lots of words which I uttered,
but out of them, was there any word which really mattered?

A lots of word were still left unspoken,
as if they would have had broken,
the heart of person whom I care,
and ultimately laying them bare.

On a contrary it would have made his day,
but still those were the word which i was unable to say,
as if I was surrounded by some fear,
as he was the one whom I hold dear.

Next dawn, I suddenly got out of my snooze,
with a very terrible and heart shaking news,
he was forever gone, never to return,
giving me sensation of a heart burn.

There were a lots of things I wanted to tell,
which now can only be done by a knell,
that I wanted him to be awesome,
and to make him blossom.

And to be merry,
so that his nights would be bright and starry.
That I only wanted to conciliate,
and never to repudiate.

But those are the words that will now remain unspoken,
making my spirit even more sunken,
and my nights much more dark,
filling it with a sound similar to hound's bark.

In the midst of the storm, standing I,
and still the tears flowing down my eyes,
knowing that I am still so meek,
that I won't be able to speak.

But I have to gather some dare,
to show how much I care,
and how much I appreciate,
so as to make him rejuvenate.

This time I had to tell,
as I don't want to knell,
and to make it useless speaking,
and to make the words loose its meaning.

Speak before it becomes useless speaking,
speak before the words loose its meaning,
speak before the very end,
speak before you will condemn.

~ Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta