Friday, November 20, 2009

Blog, a need.

Everything should have a proper reason for its existence. So i should also have a justifiable reason for starting this blog.
Blog is a space on net where we can publish what we think so that other can know more about the publisher and benefits from their articles and also where we can get comments on our articles so that we can evolve exponentially.
On this blog i will be publishing the thoughts generated by my mind during my interaction with each entity and environment in my surrounding. So i would request you to visit my blog regularly and comment on the articles i publish whether i am right or wrong so that i can correctify my view.

Harshad Gupta, a small introduction.

Who am I? This is the most important question every living being encounters with in his life at least once. And to find an appropriate answer to this question is not a child's stuff. Being on a quest to find an answer was as difficult as the answer itself, i wandered in dark, i kept myself in solitude, i tried and failed and yet i tried again, and finally i was able to know about myself. But this knowledge of me was very small, like a particle of sand on a seashore, so small that it can't be put to any use, yet it was an accomplishment as only few are able to reach this feet.
I was born on a cold evening, at that part of 15th January of 1990 when people were returning home after a tiring job, i was getting ready to start my own work. Being born in Motijheel family, the burden of doing great selfless acts fall on my weak shoulders. Then, that great day came when i was about to be named, the most important day in the life of any Indian baby as the meaning of the name have a great impact on one's character. My parents named me Harshad meaning "Bringer of happiness" thus from that time, i am called by the name of Harshad Gupta.
Being named Harshad, i am supposed to make everyone happy and thus i decided to devote my life for the betterment of others.
Being brought up in Varanasi, the city of light, i was able to learn a lot about diverse people and their miseries and thus it prepared me to do well in my pursuit. My mom, a professor of Sanskrit, brought me to Bhopal, the city of lakes, where i studied for four year. At first, i didn't like the idea of studying in a place so far from family, but in the end, i realized that being studying in Delhi Public School of Bhopal was the best thing that could have happened in those four year. This made me realize that sometimes we are unable to understand the good that are ciphered behind every event that takes place in our life. So in this four year, i came so close with Mother nature that i was able to find out that my life is meaning less in front of the greatness of Mother nature and i would have to sacrifice my life to protect her from bad intuition of Humans.
After completion of this four year, i returned back to Varanasi where i completed my schooling. It was in Varanasi that i was able to know the cipher to my name. If you take the initial of Harshad Gupta, it would be Hg, the chemical symbol of Mercury, the unique metal. It was from then that i use to call myself Mercury.
Having a curious mind have always helped me. I googled a bit to know more about Mercury and i came to know about Mercury, a Roman God of Science and Commerce and messenger to Zeus, an equivalent to Hermes, Greek God of Invention and Olympiads and Thoth, Egyptian God of Scripture and Truth. Then, i came to know about the 42 Laws of Ma'at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and decided to follow Truth, a secular faith working for the betterment of every living being. Being a Truth follower, i was able to understand other faith more clearly and worship them much better.
So, from that time, i am a Truth follower. But being a Truth follower is not an easy task. One have to sacrifice every thing he love for others, have to live for others and die for others. But i chose being a Truth follower and i am very proud of my decision.
So, this is what i am. I am Harshad, a Truth follower.