Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Poem Of Endearment On The Occasion Of Engagement

Here's a couple of lines of endearment,
on the occasion of my dear friend's engagement,
wishing the new couple a lifelong of togetherness,
a journey filled with much love and happiness.

You both are fortunate to have each other,
believe me, for what I said is true,
as in this world, more perfect couple than you two,
are not more than a handful few.

We wish that together you both shine like the sun,
and may together you both have great fun,
may you both always have the support of each other,
and after the engagement, my friend, don't forget you brothers.

~Cartias, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Woman In The Land Of Goddess

I am a woman in the land of Goddess,
where I get slut-shamed for my short dress,
where I am only as good as my intact hymen,
because I am just a sexual object for men,
where I am objectified in myriad ways,
and where I'm not safe from dehumanizing male gaze,
where every time I go out I am cat-called,
"Why a resting bitch face, smile!", people growl,
where I become dirty because of my flowing blood,
because my blood is not blood, but mud,
where if I hangout with men I am a whore,
and if not, I have friend-zoned them, I am bore,
where for the same job as my male counterparts I am less paid,
and for deserved promotions, people think that I get or will get laid,
where being a woman I cannot have a say,
because women are not intelligent, are they?
where on my body everyone have right but me,
because I am a she, and not a he,
and where whoever I am, and whatever I do,
I become an object of condemnation, a ho.

And if to speak against this I show some guts,
in no time I will be called a slut,
but against this I won't remain silent,
on changing the narrative, I am hell bent,
I am equal to you, and not a lesser being,
in a condescending way, you stop me seeing,
I'll do whatever it takes to come out of this mess,
for I am a womyn in the land of Goddess.

~Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet.

Monday, March 13, 2017

मर रहे हैं गरीब, झुग्गी बस्ती वाले , खामोश क्यूँ हैं वह वतन-परस्ती वाले?

मर रहे हैं गरीब, झुग्गी बस्ती वाले ,
खामोश क्यूँ हैं वह वतन-परस्ती वाले?

वादा-ए-जन्नत-ए-अर्ज़ी किया था सियासतदानो ने,
क़त्ल-ए-आम कर दोज़ख क्यूँ दे गए वह झूटी हस्ती वाले?

रहते हैं हमेशा ग़रीबों के लफ्ज़-ए-दुआ में,
गुमशुदा हैं क्यूँ वह गरीब-नवाज़ खुदा सरबस्ती वाले?

जिसके सामने गुज़ारिश-ए-रहम की सितम-कशों ने,
सब के सब निकले क्यूँ दराज़-दस्ती वाले?

न आये खुदा, न सियासतदाँ, और न वतन-परस्त आये, ऐ हसरत,
मौत के बीच मंझधार से निकाले तब उनको वह तूती कस्ती वाले।

~स्नेह, ज्ञान, और सत्य;
हसरत बनारसी।

English Translation:
The poor, the hut-dwellers, and the villagers are dying,
why are the nationalists tight-lipped?

The politicians promised of the heaven on Earth,
why are those liars doing genocide, and giving them hell?

They are always in the prayers of the poor,
why are the omnipresent, kind to the poor Gods then missing?

In front of those whom the tyrannized pleaded for mercy,
why are they all turning out to be a tyrant?

Neither the Gods, nor the politicians, or the nationalists came, oh Hasrat,
the ones with the broken boats then saved them from the vortex of death.

~ Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
Hasrat Benarasi.