Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Random Rattling

~I was in 7th grade, studying in Delhi Public School, Bhopal. We went to Bandavgarh Tiger Reserve Sanctuary on a school tour. We were told not to use flash guns in wildlife sanctuary as it damages the eye-sight of wild animals. I learned it then and there.
I was in Bandipur Tiger Reserve today. I saw "literate" people using flash guns. I fail to understand that if a 12 year old adolescent can understand such a simple thing then why can't people elder than him can. (10th August, 2014)

~Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of outbreak of World War I. ‪#‎WW1‬ is considered to be one of the darkest period in human history. 7 million civilians and 10 million military personnel lost their lives in a span of 4 years, which historians consider a genocide, because of human greed and hatred.
If we call the death of 17 million humans (which includes a majority of person who were ready to kill and get killed) in a span of 4 years to be a genocide and one of the darkest period in human history, what will we call the merciless killing of over 60 billion land animals and over 70 billion aquatic animals annually, just to give a treat to our taste buds? (29th July, 2014)

~I was in a train, sitting on the corridor seat next to the door. A group of transgenders boarded the train. As the compartment seats next to me were empty, they made themselves comfortable there. We all have been conditioned by the society to fear what is different. I remember well that 12 years back, I used to be very afraid of them. Being an activist for quite a while, I fear them less, but there was still some fear left in the heart of my heart. As all the seats in the compartment were occupied, the last one to board the train was searching for a seat. My bag was on the seat in front of me. I lifted my bag and offered her the seat. She thanked me. We had a little conversation. The train reached the next station. They were deboarding the train. She got up and gave me a smile. I smiled back. Before leaving the train, she told me that I am a nice person.
If a transgender find a rude person such as myself to be nice, just for talking with them nicely, offering a free seat to them and giving them a smile, one can only imagine what they have to go through in their respective daily life. (26th July, 2014)

~I was at a railway station. There was a mid-aged couple. The husband went to buy the tickets and the lady was trying to carry their luggage up the stairs all by herself, but with great difficulties. Seeing her struggle with her luggage, I went down the stairs and offered her my help. At first, she didn't accept my help but as I was turning back to return to my friends, she asked me whether I can help her carry her luggage up the stairs. I said yes and went forward to lift the luggage. She tried to lift the luggage from one side in order to help me. I said I will manage it all by myself. She insisted that she will help. I bluntly replied that I won't runaway with her luggage. Stunned by what I just said, she replied that she didn't meant that. Seeing her feel bad that I don't think that she trusts me, I said her not to worry as I myself don't trust others and do not expect others to trust me. She didn't agree to what I said.
In a world where no one can trust anyone, there are some people who takes pride in trusting others. (24th July, 2014)

~A child, who was chained for six long months, from the very day he was born until now, got separated from his mother, unaware of where to go, how to feed himself, whom to look for when he feel scared, closely escaping the grips of men who were looking forward to slaughter him for veal/soft leather.
Why? Because you wanted your "filthy" glass of milk (White Blood).
The whole scene was so sickening and horrifying, yet people who consume animal products (dairy/meat/leather) have the guts to say that they are compassionate towards other creatures and that their glass of milk is "cruelty-free."
I am happy that I disassociated myself from all these, three and the half years back and became Vegan. (5th November, 2013)

~I was wondering why madam #MarieCurie was so successful in her life and then I read one of her quote that, "Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas" and realised that the secret behind her success was that she was "CURIE"ous. (4th November, 2013)

~This morning I was wondering what to wear as today is Halloween and I haven't prepared any mask/costume for it, but then I thought why wear any costume/mask in order to appear as a devil/monster when my facial anatomy resembles that of a homo-sapiens, who by its very nature, is devilish, and who has left no stone unturned in order to bestow hell upon Earth. (31st October, 2013)

~I know many who loves to flirt with the Grim Reaper, but with all due respect, I don't understand why they make those, who share physical time and space with them and who do not loves to flirt with the grim reaper, to passively and unintentionally flirt with him. Flirting, as I believe, should be a private affair and hence should be banned in public until and unless all those who are sharing physical time and space, are all flirting with the grim reaper. (12th October, 2013)

~I am of the conviction that a teacher/professor is less fortunate than a coach in terms of the amount of respect they earn from their pupil. (21st September , 2013)

~I completely support all the fatwas that makes wearing burqa mandatory, but with some little amendments. Firstly, no part of ones face, including ones eyes, should be visible, and secondly, it should be mandatory for all women and men to wear it, because how else are we to protect them from chronic respiratory diseases, skin diseases and eye diseases, that are caused by amount of pollution and dirt particles in air. On a more serious note, one should be free to decide what to and what not to wear, and should not be threatened/pressurised physically, mentally or spiritually/religiously/socially to wear or not to wear anything. (19th September, 2013)

~While returning from University this evening, cruising over speed breakers, my wallet slipped out of my pocket while I bumped over one such speed breaker. After driving some 200-300 meters from that point, I realised that my wallet is missing from my pocket. I drove back to search for my wallet, but it was all in vain. Realising that I won't be able to find back my wallet, I thought that I will put a note in my new wallet reading, "Honest homo-sapient who found this lost wallet kindly contact the given no. so that I (the owner) can recieve it from you." But couple of hours laters, my uncle called me saying that someone had called him and that they told him that they have my wallet with them. I called them back, and they told me to pick my wallet from them. I asked them whether it would be convinient for them if come and pick up my wallet from them at that time or should I come in morning as it was already 9:30 and it would take atlest 20 minutes to reach their hostel. They said it would be fine with them. Now, who on Earth takes the pain of searching for a contact number in a wallet, contacting that person, asking about the real owner of the wallet, and returning it to it's rightful owner? Faith in humanity slightly restored. (13th September, 2013)

~I rather like going to an activism event than going to a party. One can attend an activism event wearing jeans, kurta, and sandal but in order to attend a party one has to wear all kinds of scandal. (20th August, 2013)

~[For the illiterate people like me who experience problem in dealing with Hindi, the board reads: Fortunate women are prohibited from worshiping in the temple of GODESS Dhomawati] For years I used to think that religion has been/is been used to subjugate women, but after seeing this board I realised that I was so wrong. In reality, religion has been liberating women ever since it's interception. Religion thinks that women are so independent that they don't have to be dependent on any "SKY DADDY/MOMMY" and their bollock rules or to bow in front of them out of fear or to follow their baseless orders, and that they are well capable of doing things on their own without the help of "SKY DADDIES/MOMMIES" (as if they really help earthlings) and so they have to be prohibited from worshiping, otherwise they would become slaves like their male counterparts following bollock rules out of fear of being send to hell and hence will loose their independence. I really hope that men too will be prohibited from entering temple so that they too can be liberated soon. P.S.: This is what happens when I am asked to give a visit to a HOLY place, because the negevity that surrounds the whole place infuriates me, and to lessen my fury, I start to dig into religion and find all such filth that sum up to become religion and documents them so that others can also know what they are following. (2oth June, 2013)

~On this day two years back, I stopped believing in Sky Daddies (Gods), "hypothetically", whose sole purpose for existence is to keep Homo Sapient out of hell and to show them the way to heaven. On that day, I realized that fact that the above mentioned hypothetical sole purpose for existence of Sky Daddies is all bollocks as there isn't any hell but the place we are living at, as it is surrounded by places called Slaughterhouses, which are no less than hell in any manner, where innocents beings are cold-heartedly murdered for apparently no reason whatsoever. Seeing the grievous scene of slaughterhouses and being petrified by it, I decided that day that I don't have to continue pleasing an imaginary friend, whose very existence is in question, who although called all merciful and omnipotent, holds apathy towards agony of others, and start doing things simply on the merit of those things without thinking whether it will appease God or not. (7th June, 2013)

~Disclaimer: This post may appear to be insensitive to many, but with all due respect, it is not meant to offend/hurt anyones feeling but to help make a connection with whats happening around us and how it is adversely effecting others. How proper would it be to mourn the death of terrorists who died while attacking WTC? Simmilarly, how proper whould it be to mourn the death of 200 chinese poultry farm worker who died during the recent fire outburst in the slaughterhouse in northern china? Still, our condolence are with the families of the dead ones as all life are precious and irrespective of what they did to the innocents, what happend was tragic. (4th June, 2013)

~Dear Theists, We humbly request you to find some good to do that will earn you a place in heaven as we seriously do not want you to "suffer" with us in hell. Much love, Your Atheist friends. (30th May, 2013)

~In early morning, the birds sing songs to make people know that it's time for them to meet the day and for me to meet the day's end.(24th May, 2013)

~Do you know what love is? Love is when the wheels gains RPM, when the power of wind is felt on your face, when you cut trough the traffic to conquer the ever diverging miles, when the speed of your bike encompasses you and consequently liberates you from the clutches of the world. Yes my dear, that is exactly what love is. (8th May, 2013)

~Earth ka kuch kar, warna unearth ho jaega. (22nd April, 2013)

~God's hatred for atheists overpowers his/her love for theists. The rapture that was supposed to happen on this day two years back was cancelled only because "the all knowing God" started to forsee that if rapture happens and theists are send to "the heaven", leaving all the atheists behind on Earth, which will make all the atheists eternally jubliant as an Earth free from theists will be next only to heaven in all matters of concern. Thus, in order to condemn atheist from eternal joy, s/he condemned not only atheist but theist also by not sending theists to heaven. God surely does work in a mysterious way. Lets stand in solidarity with all the theist as they have been subjected to an eternal condemnation by not been raptured and forced to share Earth (atheist's heaven) with atheists. "#Amen" P.S. Atheists are so selfish, if they would'nt have been happy on the possibility of a rapture, theist would have been enjoying in heaven by now. (22nd April, 2013)

~Had to drop someone to the station. The person said that he will drive my bike and i was like, "yeah, why not?" After driving half the way, he asked that how am i able to drive my bike as it neither have horn nor the brakes in working condition. I humbly replied that i am an environmentalist to which he asked that what do my being an environmentalist have to do with no horn and brakes in working condition. Well, blowing horn causes sound pollution and applying brakes reduces the efficiency of the bike, causing more intake of gas causing more air pollution. The other person tendered speachless and once again an environmentalist won.(17th April, 2013)