Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The God Of War

Brown soil turned red,
with the blood of innocents murdered,
but not a single tear was shed,
while thousands were being butchered.

They were ready to kill and get killed without a sigh,
for a creature who they believed lives in the sky,
neither the sight of blood nor the sound of cry,
made those people murder shy.

How can someone be so keen,
to take each others lives,
making widows out of wives,
for someone whom they have never seen.

Doesn't it seems odd,
that these men of God,
instead of standing unified for something good,
holding rage against each other they stood.

Their innocent victims prayed and prayed,
but neither them nor their God really cared,
and by the death of the day,
from the face of the Earth they were wiped away.

They call their God the agent of peace,
but from harming each other they never cease,
for in reality these very Gods, mine as well as yours,
are nothing but a facilitator of wars.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.

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