Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Thou, The Beautiful Star.

Oh thou, the most beautiful star,
why so distant from me, thou are?
Thou always maketh me live in fear,
that thou won't ever cometh any near.

Thou keep me awake during the twilight,
making me walk alone by the night light,
and staring at thou in the dark,
while lying on the broken bench in the park.

Though hearing only the cry of the owl,
and seeing only men on the prowl,
still on the deserted street I keep my pace,
so to dedicate few lines in thy grace.

Though mighty as thou are,
being at a place that is very far,
still thou posses a place in my heart,
from where thou will never part.

Thy love is what I will never receive,
but still that won't maketh me grieve,
as thou art the one, whom for eternity I will adore,
like I have always done before.

I see men waiting for the full moon,
as the full moon maketh the women swoon,
but I waits for the moonless night,
as it maketh thou look even more bright.

And the young wait for the dawn,
so to find with whom they can fawn,
but I waits for the dusk,
to share with thou, the pleasant musk.

I find some men, whom I reckon art loon,
who speaketh that there isn't anything more beautiful than the moon,
but on its face, the moon have many scar,
but thou face is faultless, of my most beautiful star.

Thy beauty is not the only trait,
that about thou is perceived to be great,
but are also the directions to the travelers that thou show,
when the mighty Sun and the moon fails to glow.

I wish that thou will for ever shine from above,
so even from a distance, with thou I can share my love,
and that thou will for ever be twinkling and be bright,
and ne'er be faded by the moon light.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta