Monday, September 17, 2012

The Tears Of Gratitude

The Heaven asked a young cloud,
that, "why doth thou roar so loud,
and what doth thou gain,
by handling so much strain,
in order to rain,
over the sea and  plane."

"The drops that fall from an altitude,
art no rain, but Tears of Gratitude,
in appreciation of the Earth,
which remains so calm and cool in its seat,
so that by the vapors I can take birth,
in an ever soaring heat",
replied the young cloud with a pride,
as he glides over the high rising tide.

The Heaven asked the glorious Earth,
that, "is it really worth,
to carve a valley in thyself,
which runs from the high mountain to the continental shelf,
so as to enable the flow of water,
which don't even bother,
to not to flood thy plane,
when it is roaring with water during the rain."

"The water that flow from one latitude to another latitude,
art no river, but the flow of Tears of gratitude,
in appreciation of the trees and the sea,
which adds to mine value in the eyes of those who sees,
the aesthetic value of me,
which makes me thousand times more beautiful than thee,
and with the water in the river, to themselves the trees feed,
and beautiful new lives sprout on me from their seed",
replied the glorious Earth,
in a voice full of mirth.

The Heaven asked the beautiful trees and the sea,
that, "why doth thou loose thy water with a whee!
and don't thou feel any sad,
by giving the clouds the water you had,
and what doth thou gain by the water that thou had evaporated,
which had by the clouds some where else been condensated?"

"The loss of water to which we art habitude,
art no evaporation, but Tears of gratitude,
in appreciation of the clouds that are so humane,
which rains over the seas and the plane,
and helps the water to accumulate,
which makes the river spate,
and with that water in the river, to ourselves we feed,
and thus from an eternal thirst we are freed",
replied the beautiful trees and the sea,
who were dancing with glee.

The Heaven told me that I would be insane,
if I don't write a couplet in the honor of rain,
which facilitate the meet of these three on the orb,
so on the paper I made this record,
"The Heaven kisses the Earth again,
oh see, it's raining again."

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta.
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