Friday, March 27, 2015

The Men In The Mask

Two men in uniform came by to ask,
about the whereabouts of men in the mask,
whom I know very well,
as they live not far from where I dwell.

They said that they are men of terror,
which to me seemed to be full of error,
as I know them to be compassionate men,
who have risked their lives to save many cows, dogs and hen.

They said that they are the chief,
of a group of vandals and thieves,
who break their ways into slaughterhouses and fur-farms,
in order to liberate animals from the jaws of harm.

They free the animals marked for death from their cages,
which cause business owner millions in damage,
which is considered to be a great crime,
as in this world instead of lives money is considered to be prime.

These men who are animal carer,
who works for the well-being of others,
of whose suffering nobody bothers,
are being termed as men of terror.

These men who fill you with awe,
are facing terror charge,
and are wanted by the law,
but are still at large.

They will finally be apprehended,
and will be wrongfully prosecuted,
and consequently be executed,
for protecting those who are not to be protected.

The law is illegally controlled by the businesses,
which use it as according to their selfishness,
and alter them as and when they please,
keeping law enforcement on a leash.

We live in such a dreadful time,
where compassion is considered to be an unpardonable crime,
where we prosecute those who liberate innocent lives,
on the back of whose suffering we illegitimately thrive.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Are We Free

Are we free when we make others a slave,
or for their suffering when we crave,
or for them when we dig-up a grave,
or when we are tyrant's fave?

We are free,
only when we are able to see,
that when we enslave other,
we are as a salve as t'other.

We are free,
only when we able to make others flee,
the center of their atrocity,
and safeguard them from other's ferocity.

We are free,
only when we are able to be,
a better person,
and stop making other's plight worsen.

We are free,
only when we stop justifying the,
wrong doings of ours,
that inflict wounds leaving scars.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unchain The Female Bovine

Many people have told me that it is Okay to rape and sexually abuse/exploit a female bovine because in return we take "care" of them (i.e. bathe them, groom them, feed them, etc.). It is a matter of common sense that non-human animals can and have taken care of themselves very well, and they do not require any human assistance for that. It is also evident from the video ( that they can meet their basic requirements and if they feel thirsty then they can quench their thirst on their own given that the Homo Sapiens haven't chained them in the very first place.

They also say that it is Okay to chain them 24x7 so that they don't "wander off". It is a scientifically proven fact that non-human animals are smart enough to take care of themselves and that they have a great knowledge of direction, even better than we Homo Sapiens. So the point that they will get lost is totally void. By making the point that they will wander-off if they will be unchained, they are also making a subtle point which they themselves are unaware of, and that is that those female bovine do not want to continue being their slaves and be sexually abused/exploited. Further, it is quite evident from the video that they can and do suffer from thirst and hunger as they are chained 24x7 and there aren't anyone to attend their basic needs. (Which wouldn't have been required if they wouldn't have been chained in the very first place). Further, they DO have the right to movement as and when they like to. We cannot strip them from that very basic rights of them.

So let me make it very clear that we are NOT doing them any favor by sexually abusing/exploiting them. So if we are sexually abusing/exploiting them and are consuming dairy/poultry, I expect that we show some integrity and accept the fact that we are doing so only to fulfill the lust of our taste buds. PLEASE do not try to justify it because whatever point we will put forward in its defense will be totally void. It is NOT Okay to perpetuate/deny/defend/justify wrong just because we are not at the receiving end of it. And stop calling non-human animals stupid. It is a scientifically proven fact that they aren't stupid. If we continue to call them stupid, then we are being speciesist and just doing so to make a void point of our human supremacy.

We do not deserve the wrongs we do, go Vegan.

 ~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Something To Learn

Someone told me that since I am just 25 years old, I have much to learn. I personally believe that age has no correlation with the need of learning, and even if I would be unfortunate enough to live upto the age of 250, I will still have much to learn. I believe that everyone learn something new with every passing day. (Whether the things one learn is good or not is totally a different issue). And I really hope that what I will learn will be good things and not bad (including, but not limited to, indifference, hatred, speciesism, sexism, racism, perpetuating/denying/defending/justifying others suffering, etc.)

A couple of days back I had the opportunity of learning the fact that the name of a nation/religion/culture/race is more important then the well-being of the members of it. (Since this is not a good thing to learn, I am hopeful that I will unlearn it soon enough). There were people calling for the ban of a documentary just because it was exposing the atrocities the member of that nation/religion/culture/race were/are facing and thus asserting the fact that the name of a nation/religion/culture/race is more important than the well-being of its member. Also, some activists of that nation were offloaded, jailed and called "anti-nationals". It is really interesting to see how the people working for the better environment of a nation can be termed as "anti-nationals".

Now, at the same time, I also had the opportunity to learn about an incident where a nation ended a cruel and violent tradition of pig slaughter festival. The activists of that nation brought the issue to international attention. Did the expose brought a shame to that nation? It might have. But by bringing the issue to international attention, the activists made it sure that the issue is being addressed, and that people of the world will collectively voice for the end of it, which it did. Now it is very important to notice that because of it, the political heads of that nation did what was required to do, and stopped the wrongs instead of stopping the activist from voicing the wrongs, and thus asserting the point the well-being of beings are more important than the shame which is brought to a nation/religion/culture/race by the exposure of its wrong-doing.

I sincerely hope that we will make a world where people will be more concerned about the well-being of others rather than the shame the exposure of the atrocities of others will bring to a nation/religion/culture/race.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

One "Fortunate" Day

It was the summer of 2003, I was 13 then, and was travelling to Varanasi by train. There was a Hindu saint/priest in our compartment. I don't know whether he was travelling with a proper ticket or not, most of them are freeloaders anyhow. As the train was heading closer to the destination, many had already deboarded the train. There was very few people left in the coach, and only three people in that compartment. He drew himself closer to me. He put his bhagwa cloth on my lower, and from beneath it, started fondling my penis. I moved from there. Some people will try to assert that that wasn't a sexual abuse, but I am certain that that was a sexual abuse.

I had kept my silence till now. I am fully aware of the fact that being silent about the wrongs is a heinous crime, and I am guilty as charged. Our silence is the biggest weapon that they use against us. But this is not about my plight. My plight is not at all important. It is about the plight of others who have suffered/is suffering similar fate. I don't know whether what happened to me was right or wrong, but what has happened/is happening to other's is definitely wrong. We live in a very grievous world where beings (male/female, human/non-human) are being sexually abused/exploited. And there are people who are trying to perpetuate/deny/defend/justify it as they have the luxury of not being at the receiving end.

I have kept my silence about was done to me, but I'm not going to be silent about the wrongs that is happening to others. I am not against the materialistic luxury of people, but I won't let people have the luxury of perpetuating/denying/defending/justifying wrongs on others just because they are not at the receiving end of it. I'll speak against it and will make sure that one fortunate day they will be stripped off their luxury of perpetuating/denying/defending/justifying wrongs on others just because they are not at the receiving end.

Sexual abuse/exploitation IS sexual abuse/exploitation no matter how much they deny/defend/justify it. And we are all, in one way or the other, guilty of it. If we are consuming dairy/poultry we ARE contributing to sexual abuse/exploitation of others (in this case, non-human females). But you can bring an end to it by going Vegan.

P.S.: There are some people who assert that a sexual abuse/exploitation is not a sexual abuse/exploitation if the victim does not show any psychological disorder. Although I wish that everyone will be safe and no one will have face such fate, but if on some unfortunate day someone gets sexually abused/exploited, ask that being to show psychological disorder, or else the sexual abuse/exploitation won't be considered as sexual abuse/exploitation.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.