Saturday, December 31, 2011

ज़िद है

ज़िद है खुश रहने की,
दर्द में मुस्कराने की,
खोए हुए को पाने की,
बंदिश से उसको छुड़ाने की|

ज़िद है स्नेह प्रकट करने की,
टूटे हुए दिल में प्यार भरने की,
खुद पे सितम सहने की,
और बदले में कुछ न कहने की|

ज़िद है भूख मिटाने की,
रोते हुए को हँसाने की,
बुराई को पराजित करने की,
शांति  का परचम लहराने की|

ज़िद है ऊंची छलांग लगाने की,
गिर के भी संभल जाने की,
चोट को भुलाने की,
मंज़िल को पा जाने की|

ज़िद है खुद की राह चुनने की,
और उन राहों पर निरंतर आगे बढ़ने की,
दिन में भी सपने देखने की,
और उन सपनो को पूरा करने की|

ज़िद है जीत जाने की,
और हार में जीतने वाले को सराहने की,
पर फिर से प्रयास करने की,
और कभी न हार मानने की|

ज़िद है खुद के फेसले लेने की,
और उन्हें अंत तक निभाने की,
उनके लिए कोई भी कीमत चुकाने की,
और कभी ना अफ़सोस जताने की|

ज़िद है तुम्हारी रक्षा करने की,
और इस प्रण के लिए प्राण गवाने की,
तुम्हे खुश रखने की,
और तुम्हारा साथ निभाने की|

ज़िद है सत्य मार्ग पर चलने की,
और मिथ्या को उजागर करने की,
सबका हित चाहने की,
सिद्धांततः जीवन बिताने की|

ज़िद, बस ज़िद ही तो है जीवन में,
कुछ कर गुजरने की,
ज़िद को ही हासिल कर जाने की,
असंभव को पा लेने की,
हार को मुह की खिलाने की|

~स्नेह, ज्ञान और सत्य;
हर्षद गुप्ता

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Upon My Death

The day when I will be dead,
I will want you to remember what I said,
that I would much more like,
if you will celebrate what I did in my life,
than you being sad,
and mourning my being dead.

The day when I will be forever gone,
that day should not be your life's dusk, but be its dawn,
that day when my body will be nothing but a brawn,
in your heart I will want a picture of mine to be drawn,
not to remind you of my decease,
but to forever tell you that I always desired for your peace.

The day when the distance between me and the world will trine,
I will want you to know that your heart will always reside close to mine,
that day I may end up either in heaven or in hell,
but where ever I be, I will want that in happiness may you dwell,
and as when alive, I had always worked for your state of weal,
even after my demise, your welfare will persist to be my zeal.

The day when I will be dead, and you bereaved,
you won't have anyone with whom you can share you fervour,
that day I will want you adopt a being, who in this world full of people stays lonely,
and with whom your life will be once again forever be lovely,
in the form of him, with me you can share your love,
and you will be my agent of peace, my lovely dove.

The day when I will be dead,
every part of my body will became useless except my head,
but still I wont want it to go waste,
so I will ask you to cut it into pieces and to use it to enhance some non-veggies's taste,
or to put it in front of some natural beast,
so that on my body, he can feast,
because it will be useless for my body to be buried or be burned,
and by being someone food, some goodness for me, my body will earn.

The day when I will be dead,
I will ask you to donate the leftover parts of my head,
so the things that will become useless for me, like my eyes and ear,
will come into use of some unfortunate being, to see and hear,
and with those, he will be once again be happy and pleased,
seeing which, my soul will rest in peace.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My sayings, a collection part II.

~In difficult times, when we ourselves cannot trust our own sanity, then how can we expect others to trust it.

~The biggest problem that is persistent in today's world is that every being, either it be an animal, a woman, a child or anyone else, is looked upon as a property and not as a sentiment living being. It is when we start treating them as a sentiment living being and not as a property, then only most of the problems faced by us today will be solved.

~ Never be afraid of chasing your dream, however dark the path may be. Some point of time in your life you will realize that those dream were the only thing that you had.

~We need money, not to be happy but to buy the idea that we are happy, because in reality, we all are not. 

~Never be afraid to talk to a learned man. Even a small conversation can change your life for eternity. And if you do, talk with an open mind.

 ~Only those who have enemies, needs a friend.

 ~The problem with being an Alchemist is that by the time you are one, you are not anymore interested in the gold or the elongated life you might get with the philosopher stone and elixir of life you have produced. The only thing that interests you anymore is your undying thirst for knowledge and purity.

 ~No God is greater than any of the living being, hence no life should be sacrificed/killed in his name.

 ~If you don't question your faith then your faith is in question.

 ~There is only one true God. And he is "God", who has no name, no religious followers, who is impartial to all his creatures, who is just God.

~One who smile less, lives less.

~Smile till you are alive, and you will smile for eternity.

~True beauty lie on face and lies in a compassionate heart.

~I fail to understand why the founder (or God) of ANY religion will be so partial to let one of his creation destroy all the other of his beautiful creations. What has these HUMAN done to deserve this partiality? I respect all religion and believe that all the Gods are just to all their creation, not only to human, it is just that we human were unable to get his message carefully in the first place and hence, directly abuse him by making other species suffer in his name.

~If your life is dull and dark, try to make some one smile and that smile of his will brighten your whole life.

~A smile is a source of great power, it has the ability to lighten ones life forever.

~Don't underestimate silence, it has the capability to give rise to great storms.

~Don't underestimate silence, it can give shelter to great storms.

~A smile is all I have, a smile is all I can give and a smile is all that i desire for.

~Hatred and jealousy are not synonyms. Jealousy is only a hypothesis that the other person is superior than you but hatred is a confirmation of his superiority.

~Hatred will kill you and make you exactly like the person you hate.

~Greed spares none, not even its owner.

~Hate has never killed anyone but the beholder.

~The more I know about humans, the more I wish I wouldn't have known them at all.

~X-men are mutants by seeds (birth), Wo-men are mutants by creed, but V-men (Vegans) are mutants by deeds, they have evolved into much compassionate beings. (V>W>X)

~The best way to be happy is by being the source of happiness.

~A beautiful smile sprouts from a compassionate heart.

~Love as if you have no brains so that it doesn't matter to you what you have gained or lost and love as if you have no heart so that it doesn't hurt you in the end!!

~Slaughtering thousands of innocent animals in the name of God is an unforgivable and cowardly sin. Animal liberators target corrupt and evil men who exploit the animals and society and behave barbarically. They never target innocent lives by planting bombs, killing or harassing them. This is what separates an animal liberator from a terrorist. An animal liberator lives to fight and a terrorist hides to live.

~How can someone not be dazed by seeing how people take pleasure in others agony?

~I don't break rules, because i make my own rules.

~Dream as if you are daring and dare as if you are dreaming and you will never fall.

~Partially differentiate the word with respect to yourself to get the much awaited solitude and peace!!

~ Worrying is just a waste a time. You either have the potentials to get out of a situation or you don't. If we have the potentials then however difficult the situation may be, you will find your way out of it and if you don't have potentials then however hard you try, you won't be able to get out of the situation and so whats the point of worrying anyhow?

~ I better be in harmony with myself than with those who don't respect my values.

~ The day we loose our innocence is the day we loose our greatest source of happiness.

~ My professor said that my grades don't shows my intelligence.
Well, my grades don't shows my intelligence because i am too modest to let my grades to show off my intelligence. *sigh*