Friday, January 27, 2012

Being Free

If you can walk your own walk,
and talk your own talk,
If you can run your own mile,
and even in plight, always wear your smile.

If you can dance on your own beat,
and can always be on your feat,
If you don't find luxury in your seat,
but keeps your cool, even in ever soaring heat.

If you can never be tired of being lone,
and can create your own masterpieces, even with few pieces of stone,
If you can do what need's to be done,
even if you are being backed by none.

If you can be a game changer,
instead of being an avenger,
If you can walk with a stranger,
and can be fearless in the face of danger.

If you are never afraid of looking younger than your age,
and lack of compassion never act as your cage,
If your action do not sprout from desire of a wage,
and if you can never be seized by a murderous rage.

If your mind don't dwell on days of yore,
and you are never afraid to loose your shore,
If you can jump from the edge of the mountain, in order to soar,
and to reach new heights, from where you can make a roar.

If you can hold everyone dear,
and greet them with a cheer,
If you can show them that you care,
and in your actions, you are always fair.

And if you can be like romantics,
and do things that are in nature, Hermetic,
And if you can live your life to the fullest,
and fight every battle with a new courage.

Then your life will be noetic,
and full of elements that are aesthetic,
and you will grow like a blossoming tree,
and you my friend, will for eternity be free.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta

Thursday, January 5, 2012

अन्मूलन उपागम हिंदी में|

मेरे प्रिय भारतीय दोस्तों,
आपको नये साल की हार्धिक सुभकामनाये|

अहिंसा पर एक छोटा सा लेख|

हर साल हम छप्पन सौ करोड़ जानवरों का उत्पीडन और हत्या करते है| यह हिंसा है|
पर हम यह भयानक हिंसा को रोक सकते है| हम अहिंसा को अपने जीवन का एक प्रमुख भाग बना सकते है|
हमे मास खाना, दुग्ध का प्रयोग, ऊन और रेशम को उपयोग करना और जानवरों की खाल पहेनना बंद करना होगा| हमे मनोरंजन और आनंद के लिए जानवरों का शोषण बंद करना होगा| हमे दूसरो को शिखाना होगा की जानवरों का शोषण करना गलत है| दुसरे सब्दो में, अगर हम अहिंसा और न्याय में विश्वास करते है तो हमे वीगन बनना होगा| साकाहारी जीवन शैली भी हिंसा है|

वीगन जीवन शैली दुनिया की तमाम समस्या का समाधान है|
वीगन=अहिंसा|| यह शालीनता का निम्नतम स्तर है|

आपसे अनुरोध है की आप इस बात को समझे की दही, पनीर, मख्खन और अन्य दुग्ध सामिग्री हिंसा है|
में आपको इसे समझने के लिए प्रोत्साहित करता हूँ| आपसे अनुरोध है की आप जाने की जानवरों का शोषण करने में कोई मानवता नहीं है, और अगर है तब भी यह अनैतिक और अनुचित है|

हम प्राथर्ना करते है की २०१२ में हम शांति को अपनाये और वीगन जीवन शैली का प्रचार करे|

हर्ष और शांति||

अन्मूलन उपागम हिंदी में|

अन्मूलन उपागम हिंदी में:

The myth of India's sacred cow and reverent exploitation:

अहिंसा और वीगन जीवन सैली:

हिंसा का पद्चिन कम करे:

वीगन नहीं है?
कृपया यहाँ शुरू करे:

My dear Indian friends,
I wish you all a very happy 2012.

A little note about non-violence.

 Each year we torture and kill 56 billion other animals. This is great Himsa. The good news is, we can stop this terrible violence. We can bring non-violence in every aspect of our lives. We need to stop eating, wearing and using other animals. We need to stop eating meat, dairy, wearing fur, wool, leather, silk and stop using all animal products. We need to stop exploiting animals for entertainment and for our pleasure. We need to teach others that exploiting animals is wrong. In other words, if we really believe in nonviolence and justice, we should be VEGAN. It is still Himsa if we are vegetarian.

 Veganism is the answer to many of the world's problems. Veganism = Ahimsa. It is the minimum standard of decency.

 My dear Jain friends. Please understand that eating yoghurt, cheese, and other dairy products are Himsa. I encourage all to consider this. Please know that there is no "humane" way to exploit animals, and even if there were, it still would be immoral and unjust.

 May 2012 move us closer to peace. May veganism be widespread.

 Joy and peace

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The myth of India's sacred cow and reverent exploitation

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