Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Sin of Melanin

Why is the fact, that,
the color of our skin is black,
the only reason behind the fact,
that even the basic rights we lack?

It started not very long back,
when our ancestors were considered human slaves,
who were treated and traded like mere commodities,
from their very birth to the time when they finally rested in their graves.

And as the time passed,
the world saw many social and scientific progress,
but it didn't meant much to us,
as it played zero role in ending our distress.

And even as slavery and slave trade,
were being abolished in many nations,
we were still being denied our rightful dignity,
as our oppression took the form of racial segregation.

We were not allowed to study in the same school,
or even drink from the same water fountain,
as if we were some kind dangerous creatures,
and of our existence this was a great bane.

Over the period of time, racial segregation too got outlawed,
but for us this too didn't made any difference,
as the ever rising incidents of racial injustice and violence,
among us created an atmosphere of great fear and tense.

For no reason whatsoever, we are being shot dead,
even by those who, by the law, are required to protect us,
and if against this we protest and take a knee,
we get called anti-nationals and treacherous.

It's not as if there haven't been any contribution,
from our daughters and sons,
in the advancement of humankind,
just take the example of mathematician Katherine Johnson.

From the contribution in poetry by Langston Hughes,
to that in rocket science by Annie Easley,
throughout the history, our contribution has been huge,
if you just Google, you will find that fact very easily.

But against our myriad oppression,
our contribution should not be the case,
as injustice to anyone, no matter what,
is a tight slap in the justice's face.

It is high time for us,
to end racism for ever,
and create a world,
where injustice takes place never.

You always better remember that we,
will no longer take this injustice as it is not a sin,
to be born with a skin,
that, in contrast with you, contains more melanin.

~Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Let The Justice Be

I dream of a world, which,
I'm sure one day I'll be able to see,
a world where no one will be a slave,
and everyone will be free.

Where to safeguard oneself from persecution,
from one's country no one will have to flee,
and if somehow one does not receive justice,
one will be able to freely protest against it, and take a knee.

Where there will be equality among people,
and she will be equal to he,
and where there won't be any gender based violence,
and none will be able to grab anyone by their pussy.

Where pain and dolour,
no one will have to dree,
and where everyone's life will be full of happiness,
and their face will be lit up with glee.

Where no one will be homeless,
and to sleep everyone will have a lee,
and where no one will be hungry,
and there will be enough food for everyone, even for you and me.

Where, in slaughterhouses, animals won't get their throats slit,
and rather will roam freely in a lea,
and where climate change will be a history,
and the cities will be filled with trees.

And in order to make this dream a reality,
to the people it is my humble plea,
try to live in harmony with each other,
and for everyone, let the peace and justice be.

~Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Marital Rape

Why is it so hard for you to take her consent,
Is your wife, in order to please you, just a cunt sent?
Why do you force yourself on her despite the fact that you know,
That being your wife she is not bound to please you, her no is a no.

You don't own your wife because of your marriage,
Marriage is a relationship and not a cage,
Being a person not being abused is her right,
Be her partner, and not the reason of her plight.

Coitus should be consensual,
It is not a way to establish your supremacy, a duel,
There is no place for force in love making,
Even if you are her husband or a king.

Non-consensual coitus with your wife is a marital rape,
Quit laughing, what I just said is not a jape,
Marital rape is a grievous crime,
You remember this when you try to force yourself on her the next and every other time.

~Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The God Of Gore

Brown soil turned red,
with the blood of animals murdered,
but not a single tear was shed,
while thousands were being butchered.

They were ready to kill without a sigh,
for a creature who they believe lives in the sky,
neither the sight of blood nor the sound of cry,
made those people murder shy.

How can someone be so keen,
to take innocent animal's lives,
slashing their throats with knives,
for someone whom they have never seen.

Doesn't it seems odd,
that these men of God,
instead of standing unified for something good,
holding knives against the animals they always stood.

Their innocent victims prayed and prayed,
but neither them nor their God really cared,
and by the death of the day,
from the face of the Earth they were wiped away.

They call their God the agent of peace,
but from harming the animals they never cease,
for in reality these very Gods, mine as well as yours,
are nothing but a facilitator of gore.

~Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Poem Of Endearment On The Occasion Of Engagement

Here's a couple of lines of endearment,
on the occasion of my dear friend's engagement,
wishing the new couple a lifelong of togetherness,
a journey filled with much love and happiness.

You both are fortunate to have each other,
believe me, for what I said is true,
as in this world, more perfect couple than you two,
are not more than a handful few.

We wish that together you both shine like the sun,
and may together you both have great fun,
may you both always have the support of each other,
and after the engagement, my friend, don't forget you brothers.

~Cartias, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Woman In The Land Of Goddess

I am a woman in the land of Goddess,
where I get slut-shamed for my short dress,
where I am only as good as my intact hymen,
because I am just a sexual object for men,
where I become dirty because of my flowing blood,
as if my blood is not blood, but mud,
where I am objectified in myriad ways,
and where I'm not safe from dehumanizing male gaze,
where every time I go out I am cat-called,
"Why a resting bitch face, smile!", people growl,
where if I hangout with men I am a whore,
and if not, I have friend-zoned them, I am bore,
where for the same job as my male counterparts I am less paid,
and for deserved promotions, people think that I get or will get laid,
where being a woman I cannot have a say,
because women are not intelligent, are they?
where on my body everyone have right but me,
because I am a she, and not a he,
and where whoever I am, and whatever I do,
I become an object of condemnation, a ho.

And if I dare speak against this, I bet,
in no time I will receive rape threats,
but against this I won't remain silent,
on changing the narrative, I am hell bent,
I am equal to you, and not a lesser being,
in a condescending way, you stop me seeing,
I'll do whatever it takes to end this mess,
for I am a womyn in the land of Goddess.

~Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet.

Monday, March 13, 2017

मर रहे हैं गरीब, झुग्गी बस्ती वाले , खामोश क्यूँ हैं वह वतन-परस्ती वाले?

मर रहे हैं गरीब, झुग्गी बस्ती वाले ,
खामोश क्यूँ हैं वह वतन-परस्ती वाले?

वादा-ए-जन्नत-ए-अर्ज़ी किया था सियासतदानो ने,
क़त्ल-ए-आम कर दोज़ख क्यूँ दे गए वह झूटी हस्ती वाले?

रहते हैं हमेशा ग़रीबों के लफ्ज़-ए-दुआ में,
गुमशुदा हैं क्यूँ वह गरीब-नवाज़ खुदा सरबस्ती वाले?

जिसके सामने गुज़ारिश-ए-रहम की सितम-कशों ने,
सब के सब निकले क्यूँ दराज़-दस्ती वाले?

न आये खुदा, न सियासतदाँ, और न वतन-परस्त आये, ऐ हसरत,
मौत के बीच मंझधार से निकाले तब उनको वह तूती कस्ती वाले।

~स्नेह, ज्ञान, और सत्य;
हसरत बनारसी।

English Translation:
The poor, the hut-dwellers, and the villagers are dying,
why are the nationalists tight-lipped?

The politicians promised of the heaven on Earth,
why are those liars doing genocide, and giving them hell?

They are always in the prayers of the poor,
why are the omnipresent, kind to the poor Gods then missing?

In front of those whom the tyrannized pleaded for mercy,
why are they all turning out to be a tyrant?

Neither the Gods, nor the politicians, or the nationalists came, oh Hasrat,
the ones with the broken boats then saved them from the vortex of death.

~ Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
Hasrat Benarasi.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Dark Lord

I am the lord of the darkness,
I thrive in the dark, cold, and foggy nights,
I am scared, to death, of people,
their love, light, and warmth gives me a fright,
as it's not the animals,
but the people who actually bites,
on a peaceful world,
they are stain, a woe, a blight.

Unlike them, I might be dull, and not bright,
black, and not white,
full of darkness, and not light,
just a wight, and not a knight,
but I know what's wrong and right,
and I go out during those dark, cold, and foggy nights,
that time of the day which is devoid of light,
the time which makes even the Bellona's bridegroom shake with fright,
and relieve people and animals from their plights.

~Caritas, Lux, et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Ask Not About Me

Ask not about me, my name,
but about my dreams, my aim,
the things, that keep me awake,
during the night, and beyond the daybreak,
for I am mortal, bound to die,
a decaying corpse, beneath the sky,
but my dreams are immortal,
living for eternity, outliving all,
for I may neither be of any worth,
nor be able to justify my birth,
but every thing on the face of the Earth,
will be revolutionized when my dreams will take birth.

~Caritas, Lux, et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.

Friday, September 9, 2016

A Letter To Physics

Dear Physics, thou art so wild and free,
this is the reason why I love thee,
but as far as I can foresee,
in return thou will never love me.

With thee, I want to find synergy,
so that we can create free energy,
so that we can enlighten the world,
even though it sounds totally absurd.

With thee, I want to travel physical time and space,
so that I can rhyme about thy gorgeous face,
and write about the physical theories and laws,
which will make people regard thee with awe.

With thee, I want to terraform,
the moon, into a dorm,
so that the homeless will have a place to stay,
and to be far from the harm's way.

I want thou to be my wife,
so that together we can create the elixir of life,
with which, a long and healthy life, we can own,
in addition to the gold from the philosopher's stone.

Although, for it, there is not much scope,
but still, I have really high hopes,
that someday, together we will be,
much love, Dr. Mercury.

~Caritas, Lux, et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.