Friday, February 25, 2011

My sayings, a collection.

~Smile is not always a symbol of happiness, sometimes it is used to hide our greatest sorrow.

~Love is the best source of energy until you are engaged ;)

~And they says that USA is the most powerful nation, yes of course it is, which other country passes a law which saves the necks of those who violates humanitarian values and prosecute those who tries to save them? Which other country passes Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act? All hail "superpower" USA for such a cowardly act .

~Bad times are not necessary the times in which any bad happens to us but are also the ones in which we do something bad upon others intentionally or unintentionally.

~You don't deserve the wrong you do, Go Vegan!!

~Everything has a reason, everything has its time!!

~We make only one, two or at most three friends in our whole life, rest all are only contacts, either good or bad.

~Smile, and the world will smile with you.

~Powers are not always a blessing, sometimes it become our greatest curse.

~The day we are born, v bring a smile on the face of our family. As v grow up, v meet new people who feel happy in our presence & r those whom v call friends. These friends r always with us and their happiness make us even more happy and their wishes brighten our day however dull it might be.

~Merry Christmas fellow good souls. On this day when a star came down to Earth from Heaven, to brighten and nurture this dull and barren land of Earth and heart of people living on it, lets do something that will make his visit to Earth fruitful. Fill the life of every living being around you with smile and happiness. Merry Christmas!!

~Thirty years back, people used to think that the Vegans are someone from Vegas, but things are changing now, now they know that Vegans are someone with heart, heart that loves and cares for all!!

~Don't get disheartened by bad times. It provides you with the golden opportunity to find out who among the person around you are your well-wisher and who are not!! Be yourself and live life to the fullest!!

~Most people have 1000 wishes for Christmas, an animal in the slaughter house only has one, to survive the human torture and greed. In honor of all those animals who died in order to fulfill human greed and pleasure or will be slaughtered for the same, Go Vegan!

~Fear is our greatest enemy. Our fear forbids us from doing what we should do and make us do what we shouldn't. But in fear, we forgets that the cause of that fear cannot do us much harm than that fear itself. The only thing fear is afraid of is faith. Have faith in yourself, defeat your fear and achieve big!!

~This thanksgiving do something that others will be thankful to you. This thanksgiving, Go Vegan and thank God that he gave you opportunity to be good. This thanksgiving, Go Vegan and give those poor animal a chance to thank God for saving them from torture that would have been inflicted upon them if you wouldn't have been a Vegan. Happy Thanksgiving!!

~When you stand up for something good, you make more enemies than friend. But these few friend are our true friends and will be with us whenever we need them. A single friend like these are worth thousand enemies. Likewise, when we go vegan, we may stand against whole human race, but by doing so, we save an animal's life who becomes our great friend and who will be with us, no matter what. So Go Vegan!!

~We cannot love ourselves until and unless we love others.

~We should always avoid two kinds of persons. The one who is comfortable with evil & the one who is afraid of standing against evil. For the 1st one will be comfortable even when something evil happen to you & the 2nd one will let evil happen to you as that person wont have courage to speak against it. So always be with & be yourself the 3rd kind of person who stand against the evil even if it means standing alone.

~When you are alone and nobody wants to be with you, when you are down and nobody is there to pick you up, don't be sad and don't think that you are bad. Its not that they think you are bad, it's not that they deserve somebody better. It's only because they want the best person in the world to be with you, they want you yourself to be with you. Loneliness is not a curse but is a divine opportunity to be with you. Don't be sad, but live your life to the fullest.

~There is nothing in which a bird differ more from a man other than the way in which the later treat and harass the living being weaker than him. Choose compassion over torture on animals and other living entity.

~Knowledge is great power. We should always strive for knowledge. The moment we take a break from our quest for knowledge, we are as good as dead. Even a whole life seems too small in our quest for knowledge. Nothing can satisfy us other than knowledge. And through knowledge, we shall evolve into a happy, better & compassionate being working for wellbeing of every living being irrespective of their species, gender & religion.

~A person is defined by the kind of war he fights for others, a war against evil inside and outside of him, for other's happiness and wellbeing. This is what differentiate a real man from other as everyone fight their own war but only a true man fights for other.

~Fine, if harassing/torturing/enslaving/killing others makes you happy, i wont utter a single word as u are my friend and i want you happy by all mean. But i pray to God that the same do not happens to u, but anyhow if it happens, then i wont be left in any position to stop it from happening, as i don't think that person/thing will listen to me as u are not listening to me. Go Vegan as it is morally right thing to do.

~Kalmadi and Co. has surely let us down. But we can't let our bureaucrats put the nation to shame. Attend CWG in huge numbers and make it a great success and show them that we Indians are not dependent on them for the pride of our great Nation. Start "Stadium Bharo Andolan" and lets show them that they can't roam freely after putting the pride of nation at stake.

~Untill and unless one respect all the lifeforms irrespect of their species, caste, creed, colour, tribe, religion and gender, one cannot respect the lord in front of whom the person bow their head.

~I don't believe in God because of whom i am supposed to hate and discriminate, nor do I believe in God for whom I am supposed to kill and do injustice. Rather, I have faith in the heart of man which love, care and do justice to every living entity without any discrimination and teaches me to do the same. That is where I find the traces of my lord, and that is the place where I bow down my head and pray.

~What kind of person we are depends on wat kind of surrounding we live in. Our surrounding is made by our friends, who always be with us. People say that i am good, which was obvious, bcoz i have such a great & caring friends who makes me a better person. I thank my friend for being with me & making me what i am today. Life would have been very difficult without u guys. Thanks for being my friend. Happy Friendship day.

~Beauty lies in the character not on the face.

~Anyone who can do harm to gentle, harmless and innocent animals, can also do harm to us. Beware of them. Go Vegan.

~The people who find luxury in hard work and happiness in other's happiness are the people to idolize.

~Sometime in our life, we fall in love and say "I Love You". But do we actually mean it? Because we have lost the heart that used to love and care for every single living being. Love is such a great thing that until and unless we love everyone and care for them, we can't love anyone. Go Green and Go Vegan and prove you love.

~The feeling that i might not have the powers to do others any good makes me sad, but i am happy that at least i have the courage that forbids me to do them any wrong.

~ Do nothing but the good, speak nothing but the truth. Take nothing but other's sorrow, give nothing but your's smile.

~ If i am beautiful, its only because beauty exist in your mind and you are able to contemplate it. If i am ugly, its only because i have lost that smile which used to make my face beautiful upon seeing you happy and smiling!!

~ Truth will piss you off, but eventually it will set you free!!

~ "Global Warming" might be a myth but "Global Warning" is not. Earth is your, take care of it or loose it!!

~ Harming innocent and weak is not the most courageous thing to do in the whole world, anyone can do that, but to protect them and to work for their happiness even when you are sad is indeed the courageous and greatest of all deeds.

~ I rather prefer my actions to speak for me than my words!!

~ I hate my parents for not teaching me to eat someone if it doesn't belongs to my species, kill someone if he doesn't belong to my religion, abuse someone if he dosen't belong to my nation and harass someone if that person isn't of same gender as of mine but am really grateful to them for teaching me to love and respect every single living entity and care for them as we all belongs to one great family of all mighty God.

~ I m a vegetarian.. i believe that no innocent creature should be harmed irrespective of his species, gender, caste, color or religion.. I believe if it is wrong to harm me or any of my friends then it is wrong to harm any other animal also..
Further, Jesus has said: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." now when we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, we grow to recognize that everyone, even animals and trees are part of His creation. So by harming animals and trees, we are doing wrong to the Lord.

~ If killing a human is a grievous crime then why isn't killing an animal a crime? Both the species have life and both deserves to live a peaceful and respectful life.

~I pity those poor souls who think they can do any wrong to India. I request my friends to teach some history of Alexander "the great", Genghis Khan and many others to them so that they can learn that no one can fulfill their dream of destroying this great country.

~ There is no honor in the whole world bigger than representing your nation and winning for it.

~ What is the similarity between a terrorist and a non-vegetarian? Both kill others to fill their stomach. But i think terrorist are better than non-vegetarian since they do proclaim that they kill others to get some money for buying some food as they can't work hard. But unfortunately, non-vegetarian think they dont do any wrong by killing those innocent creature whom they kill just to give a treat to their taste buds.

~ I am not turning into anything.. i m happy with whatever i am.. its just that i respect all religion and go through the texts that can make me a better and peaceful person as an whole!!

~ Carnivorous were genetically engineered by the mighty Lord to eat other and unfortunately they don't have the "Constructive" powers as humans do to grow some food for themselves. So we can't blame them.
Further, Carnivorous were created by the mighty Lord to create a ecological balance and to put a check to the population of certain group of species.
I don't believe that humans are intellectually better than other species, but human were granted with constructive power so that there can be peace and harmony among all the creatures, but to the contrary, human misused their power for nothing more than utter destruction of others as well as themselves.

~ I am a Vegetarian. I can proudly say that I don't kill other to give a treat to my taste buds and that i have a heart that cares for other.

~ We should always forgive people and love them for who they are, no matter how wrong they do to us because sometimes we can't understand the motive behinds ones deed, whether it is for our good or not. We always abuse friction for slowing us down and eating up our energy but have we ever wonder that if there weren't any friction, then how would we have been able to start up our motion in the first place.

~People says that humans are social animal. I say humans are neither social nor animals. The manner in which they treat other species, the destruction they cause, even the way they treat their fellow humans, they can't be social. Animals might be cruel but they are kinder in comparison with humans. Humans are blood-sucker. So it won't be polite to call human an "animal" as is will be equal to abusing animals.

~With great powers, comes great responsibilities; with great responsibilities, comes greater enemies; and with greater enemies, comes greatest death. Long live those who die for others.

~People says that when we loose loneliness, we get everything, but I say that when we loose loneliness, we loose the greatest part of ourselves.

~Loneliness is our greatest friend. Its stays with us, no matter what condition are we in, it never gets hurt, no matter what we says to it, it teaches us great things in our life, and unlike attachments, never hurts us ever in our life. I am sorry my dear friend "Loneliness", for drifting so far from you. I promise, i will be yours for the rest of my life!!

~Show respect to every creature, even the fools because who knows when the mighty God will shower his blessing upon that creature making him so powerful that it will make you his slave just like "Humans" are making other species a slave, after they evolved from being a fool to all powerful with the blessings of mighty God!!

~You say that i don't speak much, but i speak in silence because i believe that silence can convey what words cannot, you say that i don't listen to you, but i try to listen your heartbeats because i fear that you won't be able to speak what your heart want to speak.

~If a tiger kills one person to feed himself, everyone in that person's society wants that tiger to be dead. But if that person kills entire group of animal for his greed or to feed himself even if he has access to a vegan food, no one demands for the death of that person. I fail to understand the enormously large difference in the life of human and other species.

~You think i hate you?!?! Have you lost your mind? How dare you think like that? You are my life!!! And you don't know how much i hate my life!!! ;)

~There is nothing in our life called bad times. Its only a perception. Only good time & better time exist. The time which we consider bad time are actually better time of our life. Bad time are the best teacher we can ever have, they teach us the thing that nobody can ever teach us. So its up to us whether we perceive it as bad time & waste your life thinking why we had it or as better time and learn something from it.

~Some time in life it doesn't matter how much bank balance we have, how many people know us or how successful we are, the only thing that matters is that our friends and family saying "don't worry, we are with you". Stop worrying about what you don't have but start caring about what you have. Friends are the best gift anyone can ever have.

~Accident is the most important thing in a boys life.. and thank god i had a great one!!! :)

~Start smoking and drinking as much as you can. All we want at present is the decrease in human popullation, and by smoking, you can contribute greatly to the cause.

~Hmm.. Can i ask for a big favor from you.. i would ask u to buy as many shocks as you can.. bcoz Santa Clause came to me prev night and asked me what i wanted and i asked him to take bags full of happiness yo ur home and fill ur shocks with it so that u don't fall short of happiness ever in your life.. So i am giving u ample amount of time so that u can buy as many shocks as u can and store great deal of happiness.

~When Mercury himself can object the rise in mercury level, he fails to understand what is troubling our "GREAT" leaders to take some action and stop mercury from rising. Save the deal from collapsing, its for our home, its for our Earth.

~If you think that you are the most courageous man in the whole world and that no one can scare you, the try siting on my bike when i ride it, i will scare the hell out of you.. :)

~If one is unhappy to see the distress of other living beings and happy to see their happiness, his religious principles are appreciated as imperishable by exalted persons who are considered pious and benevolent.

~Relativity: When you are unprepared for your exams and want to study, an hour flows like a second and you end up being unprepared. When you enjoy with your friends the whole semester before the exams a second flows like an hour and you end up wasting all time. My semesters are from tomorrow and now only God can save me!!

~Never wait to say someone what you really want to say because sometimes you can't say something while that person is there but sometimes that person won't be there when you find some courage to speak yourself. So speak your heart out when you get a chance. I can't miss my chance of thanking you for being my friend!!

~NO feeling in the world is greater than the one you experience while lying on a cricket ground after working hard hitting "bails" with cricket ball!!!

~Don't be Harsh (English) to anyone but be the cause of Harsh (Hindi) of everyone!!!

~By killing one human, you can save 99 other creatures from dying! So by finishing the whole human race and you will be able to save other 99 species from extinction. What a highly profitable deal!!

~I thinks that no one other than OBAMA deserved to win NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!!! He is the one who allowed his nations space agency to BOMBARD MOON (one of the most PEACEFUL thing to do). This reminded me of the caption written on one of my T-Shirt, " I will KILL for a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE".

~See the power of Cricket... It had made Indian cheer for Pak!!! ♥ ♥

~The only problem in working in research field is that it has only two outcome. Either you will provide a Breakthrough or you will end Breaking your fag end into two. ;)

~People says that i drive fast. They are jealous and lie. How on earth can i drive fast, my wheels are on fire. I don't drive, I fly!!

~I am suffering from Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and so did Thomas Edison. He had 1100 patents and i will 2100.

~Kill me Or Kill yourself.. and save the world!!!!

~Pagal Para (Mad Mercury)!!!!!!

~If you want to win a test series, break Ricky ponting's face. In 2005, steve harminson broke ricky's face and england won ashes, this time also, ricky's jaw is broken and england is on the verge of winning!!!!

~Friendship is the best thing that can happen in ones life and i am very lucky to have friends like you. Happy friendship day!!!

~Harshad Gupta is busy courting Physics, running behind Mechanics, spending nights with Black Holes and days with White dwarfs. I am unable to find anyone hotter than Thermodynamics and more beautiful than Optics. Gravity is trying to attract me and yet i am too busy trying to create Free-energy. !!Life is Great!! ;)