Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Hike By The Moonlight

The woods have something new in store for us every time we give them a visit. Who would have known that by getting lost in the woods, we would have gained something that will stay with us for eternity.

Mesmerized by the beauty of minute details the woods presented before us by being sun-drenched, we lost our track. It became dark and at the time when we were supposed to report at the base camp, we were still trying to find our way back.

The moon was up, the stars were shining and the woods were drenched with moonlight. There was a serenity in the air and the fauna that were shy of the sun were coming out to embrace the darkness. In contrast with the minute details that were exposed by the sunlight, the moonlight exposed only the things that were abstract, revealing only those things that the moonlight wanted us to see, by falling on them, as opposed to the sunlight which reveals everything in its path, thus giving more room to artistic interpretation, which isn't possible in the presence of sunlight.

The outline of the trees and the mountain which the moon cast, looked more beautiful than the trees and mountain itself as it appears in the daylight. And the stars that appeared as jewel, shining up in the cloudless sky as if cast there by a mighty artist, "whose beauty is not their only trait, which about them is perceived to be great, but are also the direction to the travelers which they show, when the mighty sun fails to glow."

Taking help from the stars, we found our way back and after reaching the camp, we laid our head on the ground to witness, "chirping of cricket which sounded like a beautiful symphony, to which the blowing wind gave a company, hearing which the trees started to dance, and seeing which I fell into the trance." After a few minutes, coming out of the trance, I opened my eyes to find myself sitting in front of my computer. The memory of that trip, which will stay with me forever, tele-ported me back to the woods and, "made my body envious of my soul, which wandered in the wood, while reliving those moment in front of my computer my body stood."

All these years, we used to travel during the daytime only, limiting us to see what the sunlight has to expose, but after this trip, we started travelling in night also, surprising ourselves by seeing what darkness conceals and what it reveals.

~Love, Light and Truth;
The Unknown Poet
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