Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Birthday Greetings

Alleluia, what a glorious new day,
which is marked as someone's Birthday,
lets convey our best wishes to Your Grace,
and wish that you be blessed with your loved one's embrace.

You were born many years back,
to bring the humanity back on track,
but in the form of you we got a great friend,
as if for us that from heaven to earth you were send.

So I wish you Happy Birthday, my dear,
and wishes that you receive such greeting for thousands of more year.
May your heart be full of song and your life be content and full of cheer,
and may great accomplishment in your life be the things that be seen by a seer.

Felix Cumple!!                                            Happy Birthday!!

~Love, Light and Truth;
The Unknown Poet.

Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Smile

How sweet a smile that thou possess,
which gives complex even to the beautiful roses,
seeing which I can lay off my life with ease,
filling my life with sweetness, making me die from diabetes.

What should I speaketh about thy smile,
words of whose beauty hath been spread for many miles,
seeing which in euphoria people starts to jive,
which acts like medicine, making the dead man alive.

Thy smile is too beautiful to take mine eyes off it,
making me hard to concentrate on my path, leading me into a pit,
but the aura of thy smile will never let me plunge,
and on a contrary, to great heights it will help me to surge.

Thy smile is so innocent and pure,
that can be used as a lure,
to attract a smile on other's face,
and to wipe out all of their sadness's trace.

Of thy sweet smile I became so jealous,
that I wanted to fill miseries in thy life which be so joyous,
so as to fade the smile that on thy face so gloriously shine,
and to bring some peace to the covetous life of mine.

But all these miseries doth nay change thy smile even by a minuscule,
which became the reason for the blowing out of my cool,
sweetness of thy smile is same even when thou art merry or art hurt,
because verily thy smile springs from the core of thy sweet heart.

Ecstasy of thy beautiful smile,
hath been doing a magic on me for a while,
softening my grip over mine own mind,
making me unable to logic, laying me logically blind.

In order to regain my long lost grip,
in pieces I wanted to rip off your lip,
so as to lessen the beauty of thy smile,
and to free myself from it's wile.

Despite the disruption of thy face,
I see no lessening of thy smile's grace,
because thou smile from thy beautiful soul,
which by no mean is shoal.

I wonder what will chance,
when to the another world thou will advance,
the world will loose thy smile, which be their source of sweetness,
for then the world shalt be like it was ere thou, in a state of complete bitterness.

And after the infelicitous demise of thine,
even though my smile may not have either thy sweetness or thy shine,
but still for the sake of world I will try to smile thy smile,
so as to spread thy sweetness to many more miles.

Let us all smile,
for a greater while,
and be a source of sweetness,
and end all the bitterness.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.