Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unchain The Female Bovine

Many people have told me that it is Okay to rape and sexually abuse/exploit a female bovine because in return we take "care" of them (i.e. bathe them, groom them, feed them, etc.). It is a matter of common sense that non-human animals can and have taken care of themselves very well, and they do not require any human assistance for that. It is also evident from the video ( that they can meet their basic requirements and if they feel thirsty then they can quench their thirst on their own given that the Homo Sapiens haven't chained them in the very first place.

They also say that it is Okay to chain them 24x7 so that they don't "wander off". It is a scientifically proven fact that non-human animals are smart enough to take care of themselves and that they have a great knowledge of direction, even better than we Homo Sapiens. So the point that they will get lost is totally void. By making the point that they will wander-off if they will be unchained, they are also making a subtle point which they themselves are unaware of, and that is that those female bovine do not want to continue being their slaves and be sexually abused/exploited. Further, it is quite evident from the video that they can and do suffer from thirst and hunger as they are chained 24x7 and there aren't anyone to attend their basic needs. (Which wouldn't have been required if they wouldn't have been chained in the very first place). Further, they DO have the right to movement as and when they like to. We cannot strip them from that very basic rights of them.

So let me make it very clear that we are NOT doing them any favor by sexually abusing/exploiting them. So if we are sexually abusing/exploiting them and are consuming dairy/poultry, I expect that we show some integrity and accept the fact that we are doing so only to fulfill the lust of our taste buds. PLEASE do not try to justify it because whatever point we will put forward in its defense will be totally void. It is NOT Okay to perpetuate/deny/defend/justify wrong just because we are not at the receiving end of it. And stop calling non-human animals stupid. It is a scientifically proven fact that they aren't stupid. If we continue to call them stupid, then we are being speciesist and just doing so to make a void point of our human supremacy.

We do not deserve the wrongs we do, go Vegan.

 ~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.
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