Friday, March 27, 2015

The Men In The Mask

Two men in uniform came by to ask,
about the whereabouts of men in the mask,
whom I know very well,
as they live not far from where I dwell.

They said that they are men of terror,
which to me seemed to be full of error,
as I know them to be compassionate men,
who have risked their lives to save many cows, dogs and hen.

They said that they are the chief,
of a group of vandals and thieves,
who break their ways into slaughterhouses and fur-farms,
in order to liberate animals from the jaws of harm.

They free the animals marked for death from their cages,
which cause business owner millions in damage,
which is considered to be a great crime,
as in this world instead of lives money is considered to be prime.

These men who are animal carer,
who works for the well-being of others,
of whose suffering nobody bothers,
are being termed as men of terror.

These men who fill you with awe,
are facing terror charge,
and are wanted by the law,
but are still at large.

They will finally be apprehended,
and will be wrongfully prosecuted,
and consequently be executed,
for protecting those who are not to be protected.

The law is illegally controlled by the businesses,
which use it as according to their selfishness,
and alter them as and when they please,
keeping law enforcement on a leash.

We live in such a dreadful time,
where compassion is considered to be an unpardonable crime,
where we prosecute those who liberate innocent lives,
on the back of whose suffering we illegitimately thrive.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.
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