Friday, March 13, 2015

Something To Learn

Someone told me that since I am just 25 years old, I have much to learn. I personally believe that age has no correlation with the need of learning, and even if I would be unfortunate enough to live upto the age of 250, I will still have much to learn. I believe that everyone learn something new with every passing day. (Whether the things one learn is good or not is totally a different issue). And I really hope that what I will learn will be good things and not bad (including, but not limited to, indifference, hatred, speciesism, sexism, racism, perpetuating/denying/defending/justifying others suffering, etc.)

A couple of days back I had the opportunity of learning the fact that the name of a nation/religion/culture/race is more important then the well-being of the members of it. (Since this is not a good thing to learn, I am hopeful that I will unlearn it soon enough). There were people calling for the ban of a documentary just because it was exposing the atrocities the member of that nation/religion/culture/race were/are facing and thus asserting the fact that the name of a nation/religion/culture/race is more important than the well-being of its member. Also, some activists of that nation were offloaded, jailed and called "anti-nationals". It is really interesting to see how the people working for the better environment of a nation can be termed as "anti-nationals".

Now, at the same time, I also had the opportunity to learn about an incident where a nation ended a cruel and violent tradition of pig slaughter festival. The activists of that nation brought the issue to international attention. Did the expose brought a shame to that nation? It might have. But by bringing the issue to international attention, the activists made it sure that the issue is being addressed, and that people of the world will collectively voice for the end of it, which it did. Now it is very important to notice that because of it, the political heads of that nation did what was required to do, and stopped the wrongs instead of stopping the activist from voicing the wrongs, and thus asserting the point the well-being of beings are more important than the shame which is brought to a nation/religion/culture/race by the exposure of its wrong-doing.

I sincerely hope that we will make a world where people will be more concerned about the well-being of others rather than the shame the exposure of the atrocities of others will bring to a nation/religion/culture/race.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet. 
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