Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Sin of Melanin

Why is the fact, that,
the color of our skin is black,
the only reason behind the fact,
that even the basic rights we lack?

It started not very long back,
when our ancestors were considered human slaves,
who were treated and traded like mere commodities,
from their very birth to the time when they finally rested in their graves.

And as the time passed,
the world saw many social and scientific progress,
but it didn't meant much to us,
as it played zero role in ending our distress.

And even as slavery and slave trade,
were being abolished in many nations,
we were still being denied our rightful dignity,
as our oppression took the form of racial segregation.

We were not allowed to study in the same school,
or even drink from the same water fountain,
as if we were some kind dangerous creatures,
and of our existence this was a great bane.

Over the period of time, racial segregation too got outlawed,
but for us this too didn't made any difference,
as the ever rising incidents of racial injustice and violence,
among us created an atmosphere of great fear and tense.

For no reason whatsoever, we are being shot dead,
even by those who, by the law, are required to protect us,
and if against this we protest and take a knee,
we get called anti-nationals and treacherous.

It's not as if there haven't been any contribution,
from our daughters and sons,
in the advancement of humankind,
just take the example of mathematician Katherine Johnson.

From the contribution in poetry by Langston Hughes,
to that in rocket science by Annie Easley,
throughout the history, our contribution has been huge,
if you just Google, you will find that fact very easily.

But against our myriad oppression,
our contribution should not be the case,
as injustice to anyone, no matter what,
is a tight slap in the justice's face.

It is high time for us,
to end racism for ever,
and create a world,
where injustice takes place never.

You always better remember that we,
will no longer take this injustice as it is not a sin,
to be born with a skin,
that, in contrast with you, contains more melanin.

~Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet.

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