Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Woman In The Land Of Goddess

I am a woman in the land of Goddess,
where I get slut-shamed for my short dress,
where I am only as good as my intact hymen,
because I am just a sexual object for men,
where I become dirty because of my flowing blood,
as if my blood is not blood, but mud,
where I am objectified in myriad ways,
and where I'm not safe from dehumanizing male gaze,
where every time I go out I am cat-called,
"Why a resting bitch face, smile!", people growl,
where if I hangout with men I am a whore,
and if not, I have friend-zoned them, I am bore,
where for the same job as my male counterparts I am less paid,
and for deserved promotions, people think that I get or will get laid,
where being a woman I cannot have a say,
because women are not intelligent, are they?
where on my body everyone have right but me,
because I am a she, and not a he,
and where whoever I am, and whatever I do,
I become an object of condemnation, a ho.

And if I dare speak against this, I bet,
in no time I will receive rape threats,
but against this I won't remain silent,
on changing the narrative, I am hell bent,
I am equal to you, and not a lesser being,
in a condescending way, you stop me seeing,
I'll do whatever it takes to end this mess,
for I am a womyn in the land of Goddess.

~Caritas, Lux, et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet.
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