Friday, January 24, 2014


~ I'm grateful of people with whom our mental frequency resonates. With them, there is no need of words to initiate transfer of ideas, merely thinking will suffice. Many a times, I and my cousin discuss philosophy, ideas and stuffs, but somehow we didn't discussed this one. For the last couple of months, I was thinking of gifting plants or "rescued" pets instead of bouquets or gifts to people on their special day, as I deem gifts and bouquets worthless, as after using gifts for first couple of days, people generally chuck them in one corner of their house, never to use again, and the bouquets, after making the "local" environment pleasant for a couple of days, dies off. But the pets and plants stays for much longer. Previous week, he gifted me a flowering plant and told me that he was thinking on this idea for a last couple of month and thought that I would like it. I told him that I was thinking the same but haven't done it yet. (23rd January, 2014)

~I'm grateful of special breed of people called teachers/professors/coaches who impart great knowledge to others, with which they do make the world a better place. (8th January, 2014)

~I'm grateful of street side food stalls for the tasty foods they offer, the best place to treat your taste buds with local cuisine. (6th January, 2014)

~I'm grateful of Indian railways which provide us means to travel within India. (4th January, 2014)

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