Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Sayings, A Collection Part IV

~ The way we treat others reflect our insecurity. (23rd January, 2014)

~ For your pleasure they undergo enormous pain, chained from their birth to their death, in the sun, winter and the rain, there is nothing that you will lose, but everything that they will gain, if you will decide to go Vegan. (21st January, 2014)

~ Be wise enough to know that certain things are impossible and crazy enough to still do them. (21st January, 2014)

~ Smile such a smile for so long that even your carcass will have a smile. (20th January, 2014)

~ Birthday wishes sounds like a curse if you haven't justified your birth. (19th January, 2014)

~ Be so excessively happy that if an emaciated dementor come to feast over your happiness, he dies of obesity and you still be left with excessive happiness. (17th January, 2014)

~ There was a time when none but I used to know about myself, but now everyone but me knows about me. (10th January, 2014)

~ Long hairs are freethinker's best friends. (24th December, 2013)

~ Traveller's dilemma: To drive slow and enjoy the view or to drive fast and enjoy the speed. (22nd December, 2013)

~ Some people think that without preparation they will win the world, not realising that they cannot even excrete without preparation. (19th December, 2013)

~ Some people do "suffer" while others do suffer. (18th December, 2013)

~ Be wary of whom/what you fall in love with as you will transform into whom/what you love. (15th December, 2013)

~ If we would have been celebrating awareness days/months instead of birth and death of mythical creatures, we would have been living in a better world. (29th November, 2013)

~ It's a pity that people ain't naked even without any covering while some are naked being all covered up. (24th November, 2013)

~ Doosro pe ilzaam hum kya dale, e Zalim, Khud ki tabhai par jab hum khud hi tamashbeen bane rahe. (21st November, 2013)

~The best way to celebrate a festive season is to sit in front of your work machine and write codes. (3rd November, 2013)

~Ideas are pervert, you know, if you don't get laid with them and give birth to their dreams, they won't wait for you, they will find someone else, get laid with them, and give birth to their dreams through them. (24th October, 2013)

~We all travel. While many travel physically, there are some who travel linguistically. (30th August, 2013)

~Whenever you are afraid of your past and unable to move ahead in life, always remember that, "Whatever is enlighten now, was once in darkness, that is now consumed by light." (23rd August, 2013)

~Those who loves to be in company of their thoughts can never be alone or get bored. (19th August, 2013)

~Parasites are never independent. They are dependent on their host. (15th August, 2013)

~Happiness is richness, but the converse is not true. (14th August, 2013)

~Words were created for those who failed to communicate through silence. (13th August, 2013)

~We share our walk with many a people. While sharing our walk, there are some people, in front of whom we walk while there are some who walks in front of us. But still, there are few who shares our walk by walking just beside us and they are called friends. (4th August, 2013)

~The best way to know a person is to travel with him. (3rd August, 2013)

~Every time I am keeping my silence at the scene of injustice, I am committing a grievous crime. (6th May, 2013)

~I dream of a state where it would be a heinous crime,
if anyone speaks in anything but rhyme. (1st April, 2013)

~The clouds travelled from the oceans to the plane,
bearing the weight of the water they had gained,
in order to relieve Earth from its thirst's pain,
finally reaching its destination, they thundered and rained. (29th March, 2013)

~Why waste a day celebrating a festival when you can lay back and relax? (29th March, 2013)

~The benefit of being an Environmentalist: One can lay down on his cozy bed and watch a cool movie without being worried about going to an overly crowded market and purchasing water colour and fire-crackers on a lazy festival eve. (26th March, 2013)

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