Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Red Light Angel

A young angel at dawn,
playing with her dolls out in her lawn,
unaware of the demons of the world,
who, into the hell, wanted her to be hurled.

Three men came at dusk,
wanting to lure with a pleasant musk,
the innocent angel into perdition,
and to sell her into prostitution.

She cried her heart out,
and to be free she gave a shout,
but all of this was in vain,
as she was made to endure the parting pain.

Her days saw her getting abused by the pimp,
who was trying to turn her into a wimp,
and her night saw the men in white collars,
trying to buy her soul with their filthy dollars.

Each day and night, against her will,
with manly filth, her body was filled,
as if she was an inanimate thing,
which was being used and swinged.

One night while her body was being used,
with a sperm, the egg got fused,
which sprouted a brand new life,
inside a woman who wasn't considered fit to be someone's wife.

Not wanting the new life to suffer as she did,
of the little angel, she wanted to get rid,
and so tried to turn her womb,
into the little angel's tomb.

Seeing the price the little angel bears,
who can be used to be given a leer,
the stakeholders forced the woman to give birth,
who, for them, was of great worth.

Thus, in the darkest hour of the night,
the woman saw the birth of a light,
who showed her way out of servitude,
and ended her dismal life as a prostitute.

The woman who paid dearly for another's crimes,
because she was too timid to break free all those times,
in the form of her daughter, she found a new courage,
and with great rage, she broke out of her cage.

Trying to adapt to their new lives,
the mother and the daughter strived to thrive.
and spend their whole life protecting other angels,
from the jaws of danger.

~Love, Light and Truth;
The Unknown Poet.

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