Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Commentary

~What an irony of life it is that those who cannot speak or hear have better conversation, who cannot see have a better feel of things and those whom we deem as fools have a better understanding of things. (22nd January, 2014)

~The friendship we do in our childhood are the best. They are full of innocence, with no vested interest. These friendship stay alive with us forever and no matter how old we have grown, how often we talk or after how long we are meeting/talking, it is always a pleasure to sit down and re-live those old days. And when we meet, we realise how fast the time has flown and how great those old days were, no matter how those days might have been. (19th January, 2014)

~They all were gathered there to light candles in memoriam of 'Nirbhaya.'
"Female empowerment", shouted one of them, "Female protection", shouted someone else.
"Stop sexual harassment and rape", clamoured some, "Stop female exploitation", clamoured others.
"Stop double facedness", called some. "Justice to females, female rights, feminism", they roared in unison. Exhausted as they all were, they went to a cafe for a cup of coffee.
Waiting for her coffee to arrive, she took a pocket mirror out of her purse to tidy her hair.
She was in a shock after seeing into the mirror. She saw her double face. (16th December, 2013)

~According to my understanding of English, administration means "The act or process of administering", justice means "just behaviour or treatment", authority means "influence" and court of law means "an arm of the judicial branch of government that hears cases and administers justice". Now, according to my understanding of Law and my knowledge of clause (c) of section 2 of "THE CONTEMPT OF COURTS ACT, 1971", contempt of court, which is a punishable offence, is defined as "scandalise or tends to scandalise, or lowers or tends to lower the authority of, any court; or interferes or tends to interfere with, or obstructs or tends to obstruct, the administration of justice in any other manner." Given the Supreme Court of India's verdict on #Section377 of Indian Penal Code, since the SC failed to deliver justice to Homosexuals by upholding the section 377, haven't SC did contempt of court by lowering the authority (influence) of the SC (which is perceived to deliver justice to the victims of discriminations) by failing to deliver justice to a particular minority of the concerned democratic nation and by obstructing the administration (the act or process of administering) of the "natural" justice (just behaviour or treatment) in respect of the homosexuals? But what better can we expect? We live in a world where we prosecute the innocent and free the criminals. #SHAME (11th December, 2013)

~"He used to bully kids at the school. One day, while returning from the school, after bullying a kid, he looked into the rear-view mirror of his car. He wasn't able to recognise the person in the mirror. He cried all the way back home and slept crying. In the morning, he went to the kid and apologised. After returning, he looked into the mirror and was able to recognise the person in the mirror. The tear that he shed removed the mask from his face. He wasn't the bully he pretended to be." (3rd December, 2013)

~Today, on #ThanksgivingDay, I take the opportunity to thank all of my friends, here on Facebook or otherwise, for inspiring me and pushing my limits while encouraging me to be a better person in all aspects of life. I still remember how one of my friend on Facebook encouraged me to be a Vegan, three and a half years back, while someone else made me question the religious dogmas, while still others made me question my own ideals and thoughts, making me evolve as a better person. Whenever I go out and see the turn of events and gets exasperated, I come back and login into my facebook account, knowing well that some my facebook friends are doing all that they can possibly do to make a better world, and feel a little better. Today, I would like you to know that, even though we might not have ever met or even talked, still, you have made a great impact on my life and I am really greatful of you for that. (20th November, 2013)

~People hold the notion that the homo-sapiens are moral and logical creatures and thus considers "humanity" (human like behaviour) to be a synonym of compassion and kindness and that the non-human animals (beasts) are lower creatures (with no moral and logical faculties) and thus considers "bestiality" (beast like behaviour) to be a synonym of brutality and barbarity. But going out in the world and seeing the turn of events, I think otherwise. (20th November, 2013)

~I love travelling but still I hate travelling by train during night. The berths are so narrow that you can't even turn from side to side, forget about sleeping properly. Now since you are able to imagine the discomfort of spending few hours of your life sleeping in a narrow berth, try to relate it with the discomfort the chicken and other animals experiences when they are caged in a much smaller space for all of their life while they are made to grow in size so that they can later be killed/exploited to give some pleasure to your taste buds for a very brief moment. I was able to relate with that experience and that was precisely the reason why I became Vegan three years back. (13th August, 2013)

~People cross the road as if they are walking in their "private orchard" that Caesar left for them in his will. (20th July, 2013)

~And we say that we don't have a strong justice system. How do we think we are going to have a strong justice system when all we are engrossed with is the exploitation of others and when we support legislation that protects the exploitation of sentient being only because it has financial returns or interests us and which eventually leads to a situation where much emphasis is given to the protection of financial returns than the protection of sexual exploitation. (26th April, 2013)

"I'm at hospital and it's raining babies here. I don't understand why people want to populate the already overpopulated world, with more than one kid. If they want more kids, why can't they adopt kids from orphanages, who themselves are looking for families. Why can't India adopt the "one kid policy" as adopted by China? Couple of years back, when there used to be discussion about spaying and neutering animals, I used to oppose the idea, but when we can spay and neuter animals, why can't we spay and neutral humans who are reproducing at a much rapid rate. And finally, the most frequently asked question outside the operation theatre is whether the child is a boy or a girl instead of whether the kid who took birth is healthy or not. When the couple wanted one more kid, what difference does it makes if the kid is a boy or a girl?" ~16th July, 2013

"I know of no instance where religion has helped in bridging the divide but I certainly know of one instance where religion has played an important role in creating a big border on the face of the Earth." ~13th July, 2013

"Theists accuses atheists for making a laughing stock out of them. But with all due respect, why would an atheist want to waste their energy and time making a laughing stock out of theists when theists themselves are engrossed in doing that. It is beyond my intellectual capabilities to understand how a piece of art, that portrays a person of one section of society falling in love with a person of another section of society, is inapt and based on "controversial theme" and thus should be banned. Hats off to those whose intellectual capabilities permits them to understand the logic behind banning a piece of art from public display because of it's alleged "controversial theme." By the way, I totally recommend you to watch Raanjhanaa, which I enjoyed watching without going deep into which person of which section of society fells in love with which person of which section of society but while appreciating the quality of visual art that was presented before me and the amount of hard work putted in to create it, before it is banned by some religious fanatic in India too." ~8th July, 2013

"Is it proper to give alms to transgenders? I am totally against giving alms to beggars but this is a completely different case. Beggars have option of working and earning their livings but transgenders don't. They are the victims of social stigma. I read an interesting article that stated that the only option for transgender to earn their livings in present social environment, besides begging, is prostitution, and so they choose the lesser of two evils, i.e. begging. I don't understand why the society is so afraid of them. To be honest, even I used to be afraid of them when I was young because most of the time I saw them, they were either violent or vulgar. But as I grew and tried to understand the world more deeply, I came to a conclusion that that behavior of them were because of defence mechanism of theirs which I think is quite justifiable. Why do everything have to be either black or white? Why can't there be shades of grey. Why are we so afraid and hateful of what's different. Why don't we appreciate difference instead of discriminating? And why so much of social stigma? Why can't we accept the fact that they are one of us? There are organisations that are fighting for their rights and honors and I really hope that one day they will be accepted as an integral part of society like all of us and will get quality education and respectful jobs, but for now, I gave them alms, 'gainst all my philosophies, hoping that it will feed their hungry selves." ~4th July, 2013

"I respect and envy those people who travel by taxi/personal car. Respect becuase they have so much patience to be stucked in traffic jams while they could have easily avoided that by travelling by metros/local trains/trams and/or two wheeler. Envy because I don't have so much patience, which if I would had, I would had completed more projects which are lying in one corner my room/mind simply because I skipped them when I was stucked with them, due to lack of patience, instead of pondering a way out and completing them." ~28th June, 2012

"People often says that they travel by air, in taxis, in A.C. coaches/buses, while staying in expensive 5* hotels. How can that be travelling? That's just visiting places. One can only travel by railroad (IInd class reserved/unreserved coaches), in ordinary buses or by foot, while living in tents, eating local cuisines. Travelling is not merely visiting places in leisure time, but is an act of feeling local heat/cold/rain/dust/atmosphere on your face, seeing new unexpected things, experiencing new things, discovering new gullies in the town and visiting distant countrysides and most importantly, is a way of living and discovering yourself. People also often says that they need a handsome amount of currency in their pocket to travel. That's completely absurd statement. One can very well travel by being penniless too. All you need to travel is an attitude and a desire to travel and to see new places and the guts to come out of your comfort zone." ~25th June, 2013

"Following dreams may be risky, but abandoning them will be lethal. Abandoned dreams won't let you sleep, causing chronic insomnia, which may lead to death. It's 5:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. The jerks in the locomotive is not letting me to sleep. If I wouldn't had stopped working on that project of mine, we would have had a system that would have been reducing the magnitude of jerks experienced in locomotives in addition to generating eco-friendly electric energy for in-house utilization." ~19th June, 2013

"It only takes two fools to cause a massive traffic jam. Don't be one of them, drive in your respective lanes and follow the traffic signal." 18th June, 2013

"We say that we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say that we love trees, yet we cut them. We say that we love animals, yet we eat them. And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved." ~17th June, 2013

"It's seems to me that I am the poorest person in whole of India. Every other Indian is so damn rich, so rich that they literally own the whole of India, which they use as their trash can, throwing trash wherever they feel like throwing, whereas I being so poor that I can only throw trash in the small trash can placed in one corner of my house." ~14th June, 2013

~When a friend of mine likes something posted on the net, he appreciates that post and when he re-shares it, he does after showing his gratitude for sharing that post in the first place and by leaving a comment, "Loved, 'liked' and sharing. Thanks!!". That's what actually thanksgiving is or should be. But on a contrary, people celebrate it by killing a turkey, shoving a bread in that dead turkey's arse, baking turkey's corpse with bread in its arse, taking out that "now bacteria laden" bread and feasting over it and in a process slaughtering over 46 million turkey in a single day. I don't understand that by killing a creature what are they being thankful of? (22nd November, 2012)

~If people can be arrested for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of others, then every single citizen of India should be behind the bars, because whatever religious practices a person follows, will hurt the religious sentiments of someone else, in one way or the other. (20th November, 2012)
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