Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

My past haunts me,
my future taunts me,
and I am stuck in present,
which ain't at all pleasant.

In order to achieve my dreams,
I tried to swim 'gainst the stream,
hoping that with all the effort I will put in,
I will be able to win the heart of my fate's queen,
with the help of whom,
I will be able to achieve my dreams before my doom.

But swimming 'gainst the stream has it's price,
which I had to pay with loud and violent cries,
as I failed to conquer the last standing tide,
which refused to help me by being on my side,
and while being swept off by a violent spate, I got hit by a rock in my face,
and in no time, with the bleeding nose I was out of my own race,
and the journey that began with the hope of conquering the dreams,
got concluded with disappointment and failures loud screams.

While hiding from the ghost of my past,
hoping that the horrible memories won't forever last,
I met a demon from the future,
who, towards my greater fall, wanted me to be lured.

He was dressed in all silver and gold,
promising me that new times won't be like the one's that are now old,
and that, I will rule the world like a king,
and my praises, the whole world will sing,
but for that I have to conduct a deed,
which will make some people bleed.

Wondering what's written in my fate,
while standing there at the gate,
thinking whether to enter or not,
to kill the man sitting inside with a headshot,
in order to conquer his throne,
and consequently, be the reason for his family's groan,
I took the steps that might be considered bold,
for a broken chair of goodness, I kicked the throne of gold.

Tricked by the future and horrified by the past,
I sat in agony wondering what more will the time cast,
realizing that I still have the gift of present,
which by all mean I have to make pleasant.

Carrying a heavy load,
on a hyper mode,
working alone till late,
trying to alter my fate,
I took a leap into the unknown,
so as to find something that can be written on my headstone,

Going through my plans at a glance,
taking all my chance,
I played all my cards,
while being on guard,
and tried to hit the dart with a dart,
with a strong hope in a my heart,
that someday I will win the battle 'gainst the time,
and all my broken dreams will once again be mine.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta.
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