Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Noise Of Silence

No matter how much, in our defense, we raise our voice,
our silence on oppression, will still have a higher noise,
as it fails to address,
the plight of beings whom we oppress.

Of their oppression,
not a word has been spoken,
as it would have woken,
our sleeping conscience.

Why are we so afraid and shy,
of talking about the pain and the cries,
of the beings whom we oppress days and nights,
about whose suffering we are so criminally quite.

Why are we failing to understand,
that with every passing moment of our silence,
on them, we are only furthering the violence,
which they are unable to stand.

Why are we too timid to say,
that because of oppression, every life lost,
has an inherently high cost,
which we will be unable to pay.

Why are we failing to apprehend,
that every silence,
has a noise,
which we won't be able to stand.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.
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