Sunday, October 5, 2014

Justice For Ganesh

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Indian judiciary system is so weak, that there has been so much delay in providing justice to a young boy, that it has practically been denied to him.

A man who killed his wife's son, just because he was carrying out his mother's order of not letting anyone enter the house while she was getting ready, and later killed someone else's son, who are listed in schedule 1 of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and are given absolute protection under the very Act, to "re-live" his wife's son, has not yet been brought to justice.

On the occasion of #GaneshChaturthi, which is marked as both, Ganesh's birth and death day, let's hope that justice is provided to him, irrespective of the fact that who committed the crime.


~Caritas, Lux et Veritas;
The Unknown Poet.
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