Saturday, December 24, 2011

Upon My Death

The day when I will be dead,
I will want you to remember what I said,
that I would much more like,
if you will celebrate what I did in my life,
than you being sad,
and mourning my being dead.

The day when I will be forever gone,
that day should not be your life's dusk, but be its dawn,
that day when my body will be nothing but a brawn,
in your heart I will want a picture of mine to be drawn,
not to remind you of my decease,
but to forever tell you that I always desired for your peace.

The day when the distance between me and the world will trine,
I will want you to know that your heart will always reside close to mine,
that day I may end up either in heaven or in hell,
but where ever I be, I will want that in happiness may you dwell,
and as when alive, I had always worked for your state of weal,
even after my demise, your welfare will persist to be my zeal.

The day when I will be dead, and you bereaved,
you won't have anyone with whom you can share you fervour,
that day I will want you adopt a being, who in this world full of people stays lonely,
and with whom your life will be once again forever be lovely,
in the form of him, with me you can share your love,
and you will be my agent of peace, my lovely dove.

The day when I will be dead,
every part of my body will became useless except my head,
but still I wont want it to go waste,
so I will ask you to cut it into pieces and to use it to enhance some non-veggies's taste,
or to put it in front of some natural beast,
so that on my body, he can feast,
because it will be useless for my body to be buried or be burned,
and by being someone food, some goodness for me, my body will earn.

The day when I will be dead,
I will ask you to donate the leftover parts of my head,
so the things that will become useless for me, like my eyes and ear,
will come into use of some unfortunate being, to see and hear,
and with those, he will be once again be happy and pleased,
seeing which, my soul will rest in peace.

~Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta

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