Monday, September 5, 2011

Nature's Teaching

I came to a sudden halt,
while walking on asphalt,
when my mind was flooded with thought,
that, "is my life really worth?"

There was nothing in my life that I haven't gain,
and there was not even a single trace of pain.
But I felt that there was someone in my life who was missing,
and that was the one who would provide me with his teachings.

In my mind a lots of questions were being raised,
that, "is education all about getting good grades?
If it is, then in a world full of witty,
why is there so much apathy?"

So I asked the lord to provide me with a teach,
who will bring my goodness in my reach.
The lord said that you are surrounded with such gems,
its just that you are unable to recognize them.

He asked me to take a walk into the wood,
so as to find someone who will teach me some good.
I did as he had told,
and went into forest to find some gold.

There i saw a blood smeared ape,
who was trying to get back into shape.
He was trying to rise after falling from a tree that was tall,
and taught me how to rise after a great fall.

I walked a little further to find an old man,
who was being secluded by his own clan,
but he stood happy even in the plight,
and taught me how to make a dull day bright.

After walking further a mile,
I saw something that made me smile,
there were some cows, whose milk humans do steal,
were all trying so that those humans wound can be healed.

And the chicken, whom these human kill,
where bringing water from the bottom of the hill,
so that the injured humans can take a potation,
and thus in a way, taught me an act of compassion.

I felt hungry by the time I reached the forest end,
and found a man with whom I soon became friend,
by providing food to my hungry self he was being fair,
and taught me how a friend takes care.

With that i came out of the coppice,
so as to surmise,
that there is so many teachers around us,
whom we are unable to trust.

By the end of the whole walk, I came to a conclusion,
that a teacher teaches us to smile, care and to show compassion,
and is not merely someone who makes us earn our food,
but are also the ones who makes us good.

~ Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta
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