Sunday, June 26, 2011

A plea of a friend.

If my memory is serving me well,
I remember meeting you in hell,
hell because the events that have taken place,
and because the mighty God didn't showed you his grace.

As we were almost about to be friend,
that's the event i wish would have never happened,
I wish that time you would have known,
that i am the person for whom your mom said no.

As we were going to take the oath,
of being friend from that day forth,
I wish i would have told you then,
that by being my friend you will repent.

And together as we were growing old,
I wish i would have been a little more bold,
I wish i would have shown you who actually i am,
so as to save you from all those embarrassment.

That day when you were relying on me,
I don't know how you failed to see,
that someday i will let you down,
and being with me will make you look like a clown.

That day when you asked me for a small favor,
I wonder how you didn't notice that i began to waver,
in my deeds i was not being fair,
as if something was making me scare.

That day when you were all alone,
you were desperately trying to reach me on my phone,
I wonder how you didn't had a clue,
that i was trying to ignore you.

That day when i was supposed to take your side,
I made you stand alone in the fight,
and when you were surrounded by the hound,
instead of helping you, i was home bound.

That is why i din't want you to be my friend,
as i don't want to start a new trend,
of being a friend, only because of greed,
and not being with you in the time of need.

Thus i put forward my plea,
hoping that you will forgive me,
as i always wanted to make you glad,
but somehow i always made you sad.

I wish i would have shown you much more care,
and for you i would have done much more prayer,
And I would like you to know,
that i was never your foe.

I always wished the best of you,
and you were the best person in my view,
but the things never went our way,
and that is why i want to say.

That you should be friend with some other person,
so that the thing don't get much worsen,
and that is why i will always be saying,
that i am a friend you will regret having.

~ Love, Light and Truth;
Harshad Gupta
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