Monday, March 15, 2010

Love, essence of care!

Love is the most common word we hear. Many a times, we must have heard someone using the word "Love" for someone living (or in some case, that someone who is dead) like a mom saying to her child,"I love you", a child to his parents,"I love you", one friend to another,"I love you", a grandson exclaiming,"I loved my grand parents" and even a boy to his dog,"I love you". But sometime, we can also hear someone using the word "Love" for some non-living entity, like a student saying,"I love books", a footballer saying,"I love football", a painter saying, "I love painting" and even sometimes you can find me saying,"I love Physics".
As I have always been a dumb boy, I was unable to understand the meaning of love. So, I went out and asked the new age kids (not the "Indigo" ones, but the guys of my generation) about the meaning of love, to which they answered, "Love is spending time with 'Beautiful faces' that attracts us". But unfortunately, I was not quite convinced with the answer so I thought it would be better if I myself will try to answer this question.
So, I started my pursuit of finding what exactly love is. I googled love and the first thing I found about love was that love is an emotion. But this much knowledge was not enough, so I tried to find what is the effect of love on emotion. For this, I took help of Mathematics, one of the beautiful sister of Physics, and partially differentiate love to get what exactly love is.
So, what love comes out to be is like this:
Love is the beauty of your face. (from new age kid's frame of reference)
= Love is that we care for your smile which make your face beautiful (partially differentiating beauty with respect to smile)
= Love is that we care for your happiness which brings a smile on your face (partially differentiating smile with respect to happiness)
= Love is that we care for all those good times that makes you happy (partially differentiating happiness with respect to good times)
= Love is that we care for all those achievements of yours that makes up good time (partially differentiating good time with respect to achievements)
= Love is that we care for all those efforts put-in by you that makes you successful (partially differentiating achievement with respect to effort)
= Love is that we care for all that those requirement you need to put-in an effort (partially differentiating effort with respect to facilities)
= Love is that we care to work so as to fulfill all of your requirement (partially differentiating requirement with respect to work done by us)
= Love is that we care to love you which make us work for you (partially differentiating work done by us with respect to love)
= Love is that we care for all those people who loves you (partially differentiating love with respect to people who loves you)
= Love is that we care for all those care that makes people love you (partially differentiating love with respect to care)

So, love is that care that makes us care about everything that should be cared about to make you feel that you are being cared.

Now, this definition of love can hold good for someone living, but what about those time when we use the word "love" for non-living entity. For those time, we love something means we respect, care and appreciate the greatness of that thing because being with it makes us feel that we are being loved. Like when I say, "I love Mother Nature", I mean that I respect and care about Mother Nature because when I am close to her, I feel I am being loved and cared.

So, finally I got to know what love is and hopes that the "new age kids" can see the meaning of love from my frame of reference and understand that love is a very beautiful thing that can make us respect and care for every other thing in the world and which can make our world the best place to live where everybody lives in peace and harmony, being happy about other's success rather than fighting uselessly out of jealousy.

In the end, I would like to tell Holy Truth, Mother Nature, my parents, family, friends, Teachers, you, all living being and every other thing in this world that I respect you, I care for you and above all, I Love You.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.
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