Wednesday, July 8, 2015


During the time of global distress,
when the whole world is in a mess,
some wish for death, some pray for help,
while some themselves becomes a help. (29th June, 2015)

Life is hard, cruel, and long,
celebrate it with poetry, music, and song. (28th June, 2015)

I live to sing, dance, and write,
and to put an end to the bloody fight. (27th June, 2015)

Seeing the illogical statements non-Vegans make,
in defense of their use of leather, dairy and steak,
I am unable to decide whether to laugh or to cry,
or to jump off the cliff out of shame, and die. (21st June, 2015)

Spread the music of violin,
not the scream of violence. (26th May, 2015)

Nuptial bond should not be a bondage,
it should not be forced on people who are underage,
non-consensual marriage is nothing but a cage,
please end child-marriage. (25th May, 2015)

I see killing and suffering every where,
and find that for others no one really cares,
let's end this apathy for once and forever,
so that in this world no one has to suffer ever. (23rd May, 2015)

I dream of a world where there won't be any troubled times,
so that everyone can be happy, and can sing, dance, and rhyme,
where people won't just look forward to survive,
but where they will pursue their dreams, and thrive. (22nd May, 2015)

Non-human animals too are afraid of death,
they fight for their lives till their last breath,
like us, they do not want to die,
"humane" slaughter is a blatant lie. (17th May, 2015)

I am so in love with rhymes,
that for it I'll commit any crime. (17th May, 2015)

We are nothing but a prey,
of the God to whom we pray.

To you I will humbly say,
that keep this maniac at bay. (16th May, 2015)

Let the clouds rain,
and let your dream reign. (16th May, 2015)

Take out your blinders,
please be a little kinder,
animals do not belong on platter,
get conscious, their lives do matter. (16th May, 2015)

~Caritas, Lux, et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.
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