Sunday, May 10, 2015


Oh mother, I can't tell thee how happy I am for thou,
as however in pain thou may be, thine condition is thousand fold better than that of a cow,
who in India is considered to be the holy mother,
but whose condition is not even a slightest better than that of an insect living in a gutter.

Thou must be thankful to thy luck,
that on the day of thy baby's birth, from thou he wasn't plucked,
and kept in a small crate till he is few weeks old and killed for veal,
without even thinking for a second that how woeful thou may feel.

While to give the most exclusive food to her child, mothers all around the world strive,
a mother cow, with sad eyes sees that her calves art from their own mother's milk being deprived,
so that her human counterpart can feed their lust on the milk that's not morally theirs,
which verily is not at all just or fair.

Today, while the mothers all around the world art being treated with respect,
their non-human counterparts art being treated merely as an object,
who art made to give birth just to fulfill their greed,
and at the death of the day, when they art no more useful, they art made to bleed.

People today art commemorating their own mother,
while ill-treating every other,
by consuming the flesh, skin and the milk that was not their own,
but of a mother's issue, who art in pain letting out a long, deep moan.

Meat, dairy, egg and animal skin,
which tears apart a mother from her kin,
art an insult to motherhood,
and to stop it, I will do all that I should.

In order to show my respect to thou,
I today take a solemn vow,
to free from cage every mother,
mine as well as other's.

To thou, oh lady and sire, I maketh an appeal,
that from a mother do naught steal,
her issue who art her only treasure,
merely for the sake of a moment's pleasure.

To all those who speaketh that I shouldst respect mother,
only mine's and naught other's,
I speaketh that a mother is a mother, thine as well as mine,
as well as of a bovine, canine, feline or a swine.

Oh mother, the world speaketh that I should celebrate how thou is related to me,
as if in this world, that is the only importance of thee,
but I think that we should celebrate the kind on person thou art,
and how in the betterment of this world thou plays a significant part.

~Caritas, Lux et Varitas;
The Unknown Poet.
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